Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In which I go crazy with the screenshots

I have been having some fun without actually doing anything constructive. Wheee.

Booggah went and tamed his new friend. His name is Ice, and he is Samurai and Gabriel's son. I love him to bits already.

I never got around to showing a screenie of his chimaera, so have one now. Plus a bonus fox!

Still having mixed feelings about the whole pet auto-levelling and no more happiness things, but so far I've decided to take it as a good thing. Pet leveling was my favorite way to "bond" with a pet, plus if they didn't "click" I could usually tell right away (like with Lark's poor dog) and not have to waste time/stable space on it. But meh, I'll deal with it.

Speaking of stables, Lark got this boy a while ago, but he hasn't had a mention yet.

His name is Tuah, after her moonstalker. Yes, she still has the original Tuah. Shush.

He's getting a mention now because he will become an IC pet as soon as I think up a story for him. I have a general idea for it, just need to actually type it out. I am lazy.

Lark has another new addition, though I wouldn't really call him a pet...

Her old mount Wynd is starting to get old and stiff, so she's gotten a replacement. Old Wynd is still good for a few more years, so she has time to raise and train this little guy.

I love the dailies for him so much, you have no idea. This pic has even made it's way to my pc desktop.

*Squees from cuteness*

Pitch has found a new mission, too. With 4.1, Blizz added a couple more achievements for non-combat pets. Pitch is up to 91.

Minions, he has them.

It annoys me that Rheugan's in-game catform is larger than Pitch's. In reality, the opposite is supposed to be true. So, mix some elixirs with a little pygmy oil, and there! I fixed it!

ICly, they are both doing well. Rheugan is getting ready for his Claw test, aka going to Nagrand and killing some Really Large Animals. For realz.

Other than that, Rheugan has been... quiet. Pitch had some awesome RPs with some of the Riders, but Rheu had to stay at home, and I'm still not certain how much all of that is bugging him. He's not mad at Pitch by any means, but still, he's tired of feeling left out all the time and not knowing why.

He's also still wrestling with the aftermath of returning to Gilneas. Seeing his homeland all but abandoned, the effects that the war has had on it, really hit a nerve, and he's not been very willing to let me know what's going on inside his head. I'm poking at him a lot, however, and I think I might be breaking through. If he lets me write anything about it, it'll be showing up here.

And hey, Spirit Bond has reached 10,000 views! I was debating thinking up something special for the occasion, but it kinda snuck up on me unprepared. Still worth a mention, especially since I never thought anyone besides my sister and a couple friends would ever even look at it! I'm not a "big" blogger by any means, and not looking to become one (no thanks!) but it still gives me some pretty nice feelings.

I will be fiddling with some chatlogs in the near future; some of the recent RP has been worth sharing, I think, so I'll clean them up and post them. Til then, Happy Hunting!

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