Thursday, May 26, 2011


And now for something happier!


Lark held up her creation. "What do you think?"

Pitch eyed it doubtfully. "A feathered leather ball? What does it do?"

Lark just grinned, then looked down at Wynd. The little wintersaber cub was sitting at her feet, watching expectantly. Lark hefted the ball, then threw it, and Wynd leaped after it, pouncing on the toy with a growl before bringing it back. There was a brief tug-of-war before he relinquished the ball to Lark, but he let it go without too much difficulty.

Lark grinned at Pitch triumphantly as Wynd sat back down at her feet, ready for another throw. Pitch grunted in amusement. "Seems to have met his approval. Clever." Lark passed him the ball, and he looked it over before tossing it for the cub. "He sure seems to-"

Pitch broke off whatever he was saying as a big shape suddenly charged in from the side. The two Kal'dorei gaped as Tuah went rushing past them. Wynd squealed and dashed out of the way as the big tiger pounced on the toy. He settled on the ground with the ball between his forepaws, sniffing it over curiously.

Pitch glanced at Lark with one eyebrow raised. "Does he do that often?"

Lark just laughed. "You're supposed to bring that back, silly!" she called to the tiger. Tuah twitched one ear in her direction and chuffed, then stood up and trotted toward them, the ball almost hidden in his jaws.

Wynd, watching the huge cat warily, suddenly realized that Tuah had his toy. With a squeaky growl he jumped at the tiger, smacking into the side of his head. Tuah stopped in his tracks, rolling onto his side with a groan. Wynd immediately began chewing on the closest ear, until he noticed that Tuah had dropped the ball. He gave up the ear to pounce onto the ball, then proceeded to prance around the bigger cat, holding his prize high. Tuah just lay where he fell, watching him.

Pitch looked over at Lark, keeping a straight face with an obvious effort. "They're your cats, you know," he told her. Lark dissolved into helpless giggles. Pitch just watched her, until Wynd came over and dropped the ball on her face. Then his composure cracked, and he fell over on top of her, laughing his head off.

Wynd watched his people curiously, cocking his head to one side. Then he trotted back to Tuah and curled up at the tiger's side, chewing contentedly at his toy.


And side note- my raid group took down 7 bosses tonight! Magmaw, Omnitron, and Maloriak were all one-shots, while Atramedes took 2. Chimaeron gave us some trouble, but we got him in the end. And then we proceeded to Bastion of Twilight and one-shot both Halfus and the Dargon Twins. We had a few good attempts at the Ascendant Council, but they are continuing to defy us. We're gonna extend our raid lockout on them, so next week after we beat down BWD (again, muahaha), we can go straight back to the Council.

And now I have to sleep before I pass out on my keyboard. Happy Hunting!

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