Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Art Catch-up!

Working on a story and a new picture at the same time, whee. I did finish a couple others, though, so here ya go. Enjoy!

First up is an old sketch of Pitch and Shaur that I finally went back to and colored.

I've started using the burn tool to do hair. It's fun, it's not messy and it looks decent, so hey, guess it works.

Sleepy Shaurria is sleepy. I ought to go back and put a background on this, but right now I'm meh.

I did another horse, too.

This one is Amadar. This will likely be the last new one for awhile, mostly because I need to think of more characters, heh. If I get another horse-itch, it will probably be another of one of these 4.

And now I need to go write stuff. Or art stuff, haven't decided yet. Til next time Happy Hunting!

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