Friday, May 6, 2011

Random Silliness at the Pig

[exileic] Shad: ngh.

Zve nods at the group.

Pitchblàck says: Hm?

[exileic] Fells: Mmn?

[exileic] Homrend: Eh?

Zve looks down at his box, then at Fells.

[exileic] Shad: smrn. M. hrm. Pfeh. ...Is everyone gone?

[exileic] Homrend:

[exileic] Zve: Ah, damn. Minis didn' wake on you, did they?

[exileic] Shad: Sorry, I At home.

[exileic] Genise: If you listen to my critics, I was gone three years ago.

[exileic] Fells: Hey, you. Mmnhmn. Babes're down, Botch an' me're at the Pig.

Pitchblàck says: The cat is Jahira, which I think you've all met

[exileic] Kyraine: At the pub, aye.

Fells smiles.

[exileic] Shad: Down is a very relative term, shari.

Pitchblàck says: The talkative one is Kel

Pitchblàck sarcasm.

[exileic] Zve: If'n they're up, I can come back.

[exileic] Shad: And Madame Crownsilver, you are -never- gone.

Kelesaria glares at Pitch.

Jahira snickers.

[exileic] Homrend: Lucky bunch. Save me a pint, aye?

[exileic] Shad: It is all right. I am sentient.

[exileic] Zve: Sure?

[exileic] Kyraine: Shad, before I forget or fall asleep on the floor here, I owe you an ale.

[exileic] Shad: Yes. Besides, it is Felicia, and who does Felicia love best? She loves -me- yes she does.

Zve says: Right, there he goes...

[exileic] Shad: You do? Heading out for tonight, I take it?

Fells says: Ain't fair. He's right, too.

[exileic] Kyraine: Not right at the moment, but fairly soon. And aye, I do.

Fells heaves a sigh.

[exileic] Shad: I shall take you up on that on Tuesday, then.

[exileic] Genise: You're quite kind, Shad. And correct, might I add.

[exileic] Shad: I do make a habit of being correct about lovely and brilliant women.

Fells smirks at the box and shakes her head.

Kyraine grins

Zve chuckles.

[exileic] Kyraine: Tuesday it is.

Zve pats Fells' hand. "Don' think you need to worry on that, figure."

Kyraine says: Thank the gods he's not going to pitch a fit on someone wanting to buy him an ale.

Zve says: Felicia's not near old 'nough, anyright.

Zve grins wickedly at Fells.

[exileic] Genise: Okay, you get a free week at the Feather.

[exileic] Pitchblàck: Is that all it takes?

[exileic] Zve: ...S'at all it feckin' takes?

Fells laughs.

Zve looks at Pitchblàck.

[exileic] Genise: For Shad, yes!

Fells says: Oh tha's amazin'.

Zve glares angrily at Fells.

Wildlark punches Pitch on the shoulder.

Kyraine says: Oh hells, that's...

Fells positively beams at him.

[exileic] Pitchblàck: ... ow

Kyraine looks at Botch with sympathy

Fells says: Sommat wrong.

Kyraine is really trying to hide a grin. And failing.

Zve says: All kinds of feckin' rotten...

Wildlark says: You don't need to be going there anyway

[exileic] Genise: He's been working on that for a while. Proof that persistence pays.

Fells speaks ever so clearly into the speaker.

Pitchblàck says: -Now- who's jealous?

Pitchblàck smugs.

[exileic] Fells: Hey Gen, I still gots m'free pass too, ayeh?

[exileic] Shad: *chuckle* You are very kind, but I would likely get myself into a great deal of trouble.

Zve says: Can'...feckin'...believe it.

Fells winks slyly at Zve.

[exileic] Genise: Members of the Riders do have free passes so long as they conduct themselves in a proper manner.

Fells says: Sommat the matter, Botch?

Wildlark debates hitting him again.

[exileic] Fells: Jest double-checkin'!

Zve face-claws.

Fells pets Zve.

[exileic] Kyraine: We do?

Fells says: Awwww.

Fells soothes Zve. There, there...things will be ok.

Fells comforts Zve.

Fells looks down upon Zve with pity.

Zve says: M'throwin' myself off a tower, miss.

Zve says: Bury me with my hat.

[exileic] Wildlark: Does that include cats?

Kyraine says: Oi Botch, if you do that, can I have your things?

Fells says: Nether onnat, keepin' the hat.

[exileic] Genise: Mmmhm, notification should've been sent to you upon registration with the guild. And only cats who come in their elven form.

Kyraine says: Been looking for a halfway decent hat.

Wildlark looks triumphant.

Zve says: M'takin' it with me.

[exileic] Pitchblàck: But I'm a perfectly handsome cat

Fells says: Yer not gonna be there t'say no.

Kyraine says: Right, then don't jump, if I'm not getting a hat out of it.

[exileic] Shad: So when you said I had a free week, what you meant was I could have a free every-week.

Fells says: Tower, r'member.

Zve says: Have it in a death-grip.

[exileic] Genise: Oh no, I meant a free week. It doesn't hurt me any to tell someone with a lifetime pass that they get a free week.

Zve says: Hah.

[exileic] Wildlark: Give it up Pitch

Zve looks only slightly vindicated.

[exileic] Shad: *chuckle* An excellent gambit.

Fells says: Hafta jest tear it all up gittin' it free then.

Fells tsks.

[exileic] Genise: The Feather -does- have a pet nursery, but I'm sure you'd not have much fun there.

[exileic] Pitchblàck: .....

[exileic] Pitchblàck: That just... doesn't seem right

Wildlark leans down and whispers in Pitch's ear.

Pitchblàck 's eyes widen.

[exileic] Genise: It's an establishment formed to cater to bipeds. It's nothing against druids who prefer their animal forms. It's simply a matter of the rules.

[exileic] Pitchblàck: You know what, nevermind

[exileic] Pitchblàck: I think I just got a better offer

Kelesaria glances between Pitch and Lark, raising an eyebrow.

Zve says: I'm a bi-ped.

Wildlark smirks.

Fells says: 'course y'are, Botch.

Fells pets Zve.

Kyraine nods at Zve.

Fells says: Good boy.

Zve sulks.

Fells says: Oh OH.

Fells says: When y'was talkin' 'bout thinkin' in circles.

Zve says: No.

Fells says: Guess what I didn' say.

Zve says: -No.-

Zve says: Don'

Zve raises a claw in warning.

Fells says: "So are ya -chasin' yer tail-"

Fells says: Git it!

Kyraine grins at Fells

Zve hangs his head.

Zve says: Pitch.

Fells :D

Pitchblàck snerks.

Zve says: -You- can have my damn--

Zve says: Nevermind.

Fells :D

Zve points at Wind Rider Cub.

Zve says: Tyrant?

Zve says: -YOU- can have my damn things.

Kyraine says: Oi, what about me?

Pawa looks up at him brightly, He obviously has no clue what that means.

Zve says: You laughed too.

Fells grins wickedly at Kyraine.

Fells says: C'mon.

Kyraine says: Aye, course I laughed, but it wasn't personal.

Fells says: -Chasin' yer tail.-

Fells says: Tell me that ain't brillian'.

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