Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Marker Reached

When Rheugan hit level 68, I randomly decided that I wanted an actual set of druid armor for him, for RP. The "easiest" one to get is the level 70 PVPish set from the rep vendors (remember these?), however! Rheugan was only friendly with Honor Hold and Cenarion Expedition, and hadn't even touched the others yet. So.... Pitch ran him through a bunch of dungeons.

Rheugan now has 3 pieces, and is honored with HH, CE, and Keepers of Time. Shattrath and Lower City will be getting their turns once I track down some dungeon quests and have a day off work. Tomorrow is looking pretty likely.

All the instancing had a bonus side effect- by the time Pitch and Rheu were done with Keepers, he was only a few bars away from 70! So I queued him for a random, did his cooking/fishing dailies, and then got into an Utgarde Keep group. The run went smoothly, with a group that actually chatted and joked around during the run, and a couple pulls before Ingvar, Rheu finally dinged.

He'd already been saving his money, plus I sent him some from my other toons, so, almost as soon as he got to Stormwind....

Wheeeee, speedy birdy! Also, I hadn't noticed until now that the worgen flight form has little wolf ears. XD

And now I feel bad for Davoss, because I want to go ahead and finish Rheu up before returning to my pally-tank. He won't be my next toon to 85 (I have a couple others I'm playing with sporadically that are a lot closer), but he'll get there pretty quick at this rate.

I might actually get some writing done soon, if he doesn't decide to shut me out again. I think the key to writing about Rheugan isn't me trying to talk to him, but getting one of my other toons to do it instead. Crazy worgen. :)

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