Saturday, June 4, 2011

We interrupt this... wait, nevermind

So yea, silence again. It's kinda funny (in a sad way >.<) seeing how the number of posts has dropped off from when I first started the blog, but I guess that's to be expected, right? But anyway, I thought I'd do an update, just so folks know what's up.

First off, I'm not doing much in-game except raiding. I've been tinkering with alts, but can't stay focused on one for very long, blah. Rheugan did hit 71 yesterday, at least, and Turron and Rillian are both 83. So is Booggah, and I think tm that I'm going to level him next. Mostly because I just discovered this.

Ahnka is nice, but that's not what Boo will be after when 4.2 comes along. Nope, he'll be hunting for Magria. Blue spirit kitty? DO WANT!

So, anyway. Raiding. Lark's raid group took down all the bosses but Nef in Blackwing Descent again, same as last week. This week, however, we went to Bastion of Twilight first to work on Ascendant Council. After a LOT of this

....We did eventually get them down! So now we've killed every boss in those 2 raids except for the end ones. We haven't worked up the nerve to try Nef yet, but we extended the lockout on BoT again, and next week will see our first attempts at Cho'gall.

Lark has been doing a bunch of other stuff as well. First off, she's all ready when BabyWynd grows up...

She actually got this awhile ago, I just haven't mentioned it before. >.>

Another belated announcement is this guy, who she found after a few days of off-and-on camping.

He spawned right in front of her, and she got him before the worgen that was also there waiting. Poor guy, I felt sorry for him, heh. He was very polite, however, and didn't even try to interrupt the tame. Hopefully he's gotten his own gummibear by now.

Beyond that, tinkering with the afore-mentioned alts, and building my gold reserves slowly but surely, I haven't been doing very much. Work is kicking my tail a bit in that I've been really tired lately, and naptimes interfere with gametime a bit.

I've also rediscovered my love for LOTRO...

This is my newest guy, Basten the burglar. My first attempt at a burglar kinda died out, since I never felt like playing her, but Basten has been a lot more engaging, and more fun to play. Plus he's been spoiled rotten so far by my higher-levels, as the horse might indicate.

I also finished another picture. Have another Vardigen.

This is actually a scene from my story. XD Karee's first sight of him, in fact. I really need to write it out soon.

So that's about it. I have more writing planned, and hopefully I'll actually finish something soon. Basten needs a post of his own, but that will likely go on my non-WoW blog. Pitch is getting geared up, more or less, and he's almost ready for the troll dungeons. He's also up to 102 mini-pets now!

Can't think of anything else, so til next time Happy Hunting!

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