Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Firelands Tame...

.... what?

This little guy started an entire thread on the Petopia PTR forums. I read through it, laughed, and then went on my way. Until today, when Booggah unlocked the Molten Front, and I went to go exploring....

Boo did get killed by the fire heading up there, but eh, learning experience. He had no trouble finding Dante, although (thankfully) there was no sign of Kirix. I sat and stared at him for a few minutes, then... heck, I did have an extra slot in case Boo ran into Magria. So, when Booggah left the Firelands, Dante did too.

As soon as I tamed him and was posing for the screenshot, he started waving his claws around, like he was excited about going on some new adventures. XD

I'm sad about stabling Runya for now, but he doesn't seem to mind the break, and Boo still needs an open slot for his blue spirit-kitty. And having NPC_Scan go off every time I cleared my cache and then logged on Boo was getting a little tiring. >.>

Dante is proving himself as a good little tank already, and I'm falling for him fast. Boo doesn't need to worry about stable slots (since there isn't very many that I want him to tame), so it looks like he's got a permanent home. *hugs Dante*

And now, how about a couple more screenshots?

*Ahem* Almost forgot something else. Last Tuesday's RP night saw another change- not such a big one as some have been, since she's nearly been an honorary Rider for a while now, but still...

Lark has joined Pitch in the Riders. :D:D:D

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