Thursday, June 23, 2011

Couple things...

First thing... hurray! Quae has finally joined the 80+ club, and has merrily mind-flayed her way across Hyjal to 3/4 of the way to 81. Guild xp perk + heirloom cloak is awesomesauce.

Once I'm finished with Booggah I may just go ahead and try leveling her next. Then she'll be a higher level than Barraccus, which will be funny. Yes, it will, trust me.

Speaking of Booggah, he's 84 and working his way toward that last goal. He'll still need a bit of gear before he's really ready to hit Firelands and find his rare(s), but hopefully it won't take long.

Oh yea, and Ice says hi.
I love this cat so much. Samurai has been taking a well-deserved break- she's still in one of his active slots (and will never leave) but Ice here and his fire turtle Runya have been the only pets Boo's used since they were both tamed. I really ought to take more screenies of Runya, I just love him so much.

And yes, I've heard about the normal Terropene-skinned mobs that will be in the Firelands. Know what? I don't care. Boo's turtle isn't Terropene anymore, he's Runya, and I don't give a hoot whether he's a common skin or a "mine's-better-than-yours" rare skin. I will always remember how hard I had to camp to get him, and that's enough for me. Heck, if I get a fire turtle on any other toons, it probably will be a common one, simply because of how hard it was to get Terropene.

Still playing on LOTRO whenever I can pull myself away from WoW. Basten is up to 18, I've leveled a couple other toons, and I'm getting into the routine of the Saturday-night RP nights for Basten. Last one was especially fun, as we all went out fishing! Basten brought home a string of trophy fish for my characters' house. :D

I finished another horse picture, which I worked on longer than any of them yet. This is another scene from my story, which I am finally writing down for reals! Amadar again, who is teaching me just how hard it can be to do good shadows on a white horse. Also- dapples, urgh.

Supposedly the Firelands patch is coming this next Tuesday, I'm still hoping Boo will be 85 before then. Lark is as ready as she'll ever be, I think, and with the justice points she's saved up I'm hoping she'll be able to get some of her tier gear. Her raid group is still working on Cho'gall, but tonight we got him to 9% on our last attempt, so next week we will get him down! (Even if it's because he'll be nerfed. >.>) We might start a second raid night at first, just so people can finish getting their tier 11 and be ready for the Firelands raid, then we'll be going back to 1 night a week, which is fine by me.

Whew! Now I need sleep and stuffs, so til next time Happy Hunting!

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