Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time's Flyin'...

Sup little blog, how are you?

Wow, I didn't even realize how long it's been since my last post. Craziness happened, in that my sister and I moved! We went from a house with 2 other roommates to our own apartment, which is pretty darn nice. No crowding, no people taking our stuff.... Anyways, besides that, what's been happening?

4.1 happened, that's for sure. I'm ridiculously happy that Booggah's hydra Karda now has his own family and stuff, but it's frustrating that the rest of the hydras aren't tamable yet. Come on, Blizzard! In other pet news, Lark's little Thor isn't so little anymore. -.- Even so, I did get attached to him in the short time she's had him, so maybe he'll stay. I haven't decided yet.

Booggah needs to go tame one of these babies asap - they're purty.

He only has a couple cats, shush. >.>

Rheugan has been chilling out at 64, I aim to level him and get him to Nagrand soon. I even have some RP ready for when he does get there. ICly he's been... thinking, a lot. Which means that he sticks in my head just long enough to get an idea about what he's thinking/feeling, then he boots me out again. Silly worgen.

Pitch has been involved with some RP with the Riders. It involves Gilneas, that's all I'm going to say- but I am chat-logging it, so once it's finished I may toss it up here. Keep watching!

With the move and the hassle of getting our internet sorted, I've been mostly doodling or playing on baby alts, including a new hunter on the Arthas server, that I made to play with my brother. Narzabeki has been rerolled, is now 21, and is missing her tiger Kumal something fierce, though her raptor Anzi'mar is a nice replacement so far. She's almost at the level to go get her baby back, though, so soon she'll have Kumal at her side too.

My Rift-playing has stalled out in favor of WoW, though I'm sure I'll get back into it sooner or later. My friends/sister's toons have all passed me, however, so hopefully they don't mind helping me play catchup.

Lark got a chance to see the new Zul'Gurub dungeon last night. It was pretty fun, even when we were wiping to bosses because we didn't know the fight mechanics yet. She got to run with some of her raid group members- I'm not quite up to dealing with PUGs in those dungeons yet. Pitch isn't quite at the gear level he needs for them yet, but a few more heroic runs should get him there, and then I can try to tag along on some of the WFR runs.

I think I said something about doodling, didn't I? Well, after not doing anything much art-wise for weeks, I finally got my groove back. My sister sketched this, but she gave me permission to color it (actually she kinda threw it at me with a "YES!" when I suggested it, but yea..)

These next ones probably need some explaining. See, I think of a lot of stuff while I'm at work- it's usually where most of my RP writing has come from. My job is mostly physical, which lets my mind wander while I work. A few weeks ago, I started getting this idea- for my own story, not WoW-related. The idea stuck hard enough that I wound up doing a few pictures on it, and I've started writing out bits and pieces of it too. Soooo, here's a couple characters from it.

This is Rhisovan. Getting his color right was challenging, yet a lot of fun when I finally figured it out. And then I added the mist effect and it obscured most of my hard work. Go me.

These are the main characters. Karee is a lonely village girl, and Vardigen is the "horse" that takes her away.

P.S.? They're not really horses. >.>

I still have a lot of work to do with the story before I'll feel comfortable sharing any of it, but I will likely do some more artwork of it, so I'll slap them up here when I do. Still working on a couple more WoW-related ones too, in fact I might finish one today.

That's all I can think of right now. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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