Saturday, April 2, 2011

You Think That You're Done and Then This Happens

Some folks in one of the OOC channels wanted to put together an old-school raid for cheevohs when I logged in tonight. I didn't really pay much attention, until suddenly Naxx was mentioned.

See, I happened to find a post over on the Petopia forums, about a "special" pet that could only be found in Naxx, where it is spawned during the Anub'Rekhan fight. I had been toying with the idea of dragging my sis in there and trying to duo it, but this... This opportunity just couldn't be passed up.

A couple of the others in the raid were from Lark's Thursday night group, and the others were known at least in passing, so it was no problem when I explained about the beetle and how I wanted to tame it. Anub was the first boss we headed for, and soon enough...

The tame took forever, because whichever bugger Lark targeted would randomly aggro on someone else and the tame would break. Finally Anub was kind enough to summon a fresh round, and Lark simply ran up to one nomming on the other hunter, smacked it with her spear, then trapped and tamed while the hunter feigned. It finally worked.

He comes with a shell-shield!

His name is Thor, because a bug that small deserves a disproportionately mighty name.

He is so stinking tiny it's ridiculous. I love it.

Also, bragging rights for the Heigan fight:

Boom, baby.

(Lark picked up so many achievements in there I'm not even going to try listing them. Apparently this was her first time in there. O.o)

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