Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Oh hey, have some RP. Not finished yet, but the last part is looking to be a doozy, so I figured I'd post it separate. Enjoy!

Rheugan launched himself clumsily into the air, flapping his wings hard to gain altitude. His landing was much smoother, as he came in to light on the tree branch next to Pitch. His mentor beamed at him. "That was much better. Just need to work on your takeoffs now." Rheugan just nodded- speaking as a bird was another thing he needed work on.

Pitch watched him as the small human left his bird shape and straddled the branch, peering fearlessly at the goings-on below them. "So," he said casually, and Rheugan looked up at him. "I thought we might make that trip back to Gilneas tomorrow. I mean, it'll be a lot safer now you can fly, and you could use the endurance training." Rheugan cocked his head. "You really th- ahh, if you think I can do it," he said, and Pitch grinned. "Sure you can. We'll go slow if we have to. But we'll be flying the whole way," he warned. "No gryphons, no shortcuts. So make sure you get plenty of rest tonight." Rheugan nodded, then looked down below them again, pensively.

Pitch eyed him. "You could be happier about it," he stated. "Is something wrong?"

The younger druid shrugged, then glanced up at him briefly. "If we're going.." he said slowly. "That means that Fells doesn't want me along on whatever that trip is she's planning, does she?" Pitch looked at him thoughtfully for a moment. "Well, no," he answered honestly. "But it's not because she thinks you'd be a bother."

"It's because I'm Gilnean, isn't it?" Rheugan asked softly. "Whatever she wants to do there, I gathered it isn't honest, and she thinks I'll object."

"I don't know," Pitch replied, then trailed off as he eyed his student curiously. "Would you?" he asked. Rheugan shrugged. "I don't know what she's after, so how would I know, eh? But she's made her choice, so what does it matter now?"

Pitch sighed as he looked away. Rheugan's soft voice brought him back, however. "Are you going?" The Night elf eyed the human for a long moment. "Yes," he said finally. "She said she needs a scout, and I am good at it, bragging or no." Rheugan wouldn't meet his eyes. "Do you... know what she's going after?" he asked hesitantly.

Pitch blinked, thinking fast. "No, she hasn't told me yet," he answered, wincing inwardly at the lie. "I imagine she will once we're all there. Look," he said as he sat up straighter on the branch. "I'll tell you all about it once we're back, all right? Bet it'll be quite the story." Rheugan nodded, rather listlessly, and Pitch looked at him sharply. "Are you okay, Rheu?" he asked, using the nickname the younger druid had tacitly deemed acceptable. The human shrugged. "Doesn't really matter, does it? It's decided."

Pitch frowned, but didn't press it. "Well, it's getting late," he said instead. "I'm going to turn in. You do the same soon, okay?" Without waiting for an answer, the Kal'dorei rolled right off the branch in a backwards somersault, changing to a bird and catching himself before he splattered on the ground. Rheugan watched in bemusement as his mentor flapped off toward the Mage District, then opted to shift to his bird form before hopping off himself.

* * * * * *

"I need a favor." Lark rolled over to look at him, her drowsiness vanishing as she raised an eyebrow. "Fells has a job going on in Gilneas, and I'm going as a scout," Pitch told her. "I don't know how long it'll take, though, and while I'm gone Rheugan will be on his own."

Lark nodded. "So you want me to keep an eye on him?" "If you could," he replied. "Shaurria was going to stay with him as much as possible, but my brother is heading back to Hyjal soon and I don't know if he's taking her or not." Lark frowned, deep in thought. "I can do better than that, I think," she said finally. "I was going to go over the grounds for a maintenance check soon, and I could use a cat or two to help."

Pitch brightened. "Oh that'd be perfect," he said. She grinned at him. "When?" she asked, and it was Pitch's turn to think. "Fells said a week and a half, and that was a couple days ago," he answered. "All right then," Lark told him. "Consider it taken care of." He beamed, letting out a huge sigh of relief. "Thanks. Whatever you'd like as repayment, just let me know."

Lark gave him a sly look, then grinned as she reached over and tugged at one ear. "Oh, I can think of a few things."

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