Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lark- Changes in the pack

I had mentioned that I was thinking of changing Lark's stable up a bit. Well, before tonight's raid started, I did just that. She hadn't been bonding well with her dog Vei at all, so first thing was to find him a new home...

..... what? Stop looking at me like that. >_>

Next step involved a trip to Northrend. I took a couple side-trips to see if Arcturis or Skoll were up, even though I wasn't totally sure if I wanted them or not. Neither of them were there, so it didn't really matter anyway. So, on to Dun Niffelem.... where I discovered that Lark had never done the Sons of Hodir intro quests. Darnit! So she didn't get her ghostly jormunger worm, but she did get the next best thing-

Named him Vei, after the dog. I guess Lark is rubbing off on me.

I still had almost an hour until raid-time, so on a whim I figured I'd try taming another new one. I'd had my eye on these beauties for awhile, and had finally decided Lark would be the one to get it. Pitch helped out by forming a raid group so she could get in.... where I promptly found out that they were in Sunwell, NOT Tempest Keep. I can read, really.

The actual tame went off without a hitch, and she got out with time to spare. His name is Devin, and he needs leveled before he can join in the raids, but once he's 85 he'll probably make a few appearances.

The raid ended a bit early and I wasn't ready for bed yet, so Lark headed up north to do something I'd been meaning to finish for awhile now- Exploring the Eastern Kingdoms! She only had Ghostlands and Eversong left, so it didn't take long. But while she was there, I caught her eying the brown lynxes....

I really don't know what she's going to do with this one. I do like him, and Lark was giving me a good vibe, so he's probably a keeper. He needs a name, but I have a couple rattling around in my head, just need to settle on one. Edit: His name is now Mischa.

And as a final note, I realized that I'm forgetting to introduce the most recent addition to the "gang". Meet Taiglin.

Yes, I made another hunter. My excuse is I wanted to try a goblin. She's over on Nesingwary, where I might someday overcome my shyness and get her into the Petopians guild. Maybe.

And yes, I ran her all the way to Teldrassil to get Duststalker. Cazz is her "bodyguard" as well as her buddy, in fact she trusts him a lot more than most people, especially her fellow goblins. But that's a long story, so maybe she'll get her own post sometime.

And now I need to go pass out so I'm conscious at work tomorrow. Happy Hunting!

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