Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fire Turtle!

My store's inventory is over now, and the powers-that-be decided to reward me with 2 days off in a row (which never happens normally. Score!). So on a flash of inspiration, I decided to do something I've usually never had the patience for- I settled in for a full-scale pet-camp.

See, Booggah's been parked out in Hyjal for weeks now. I rushed him up to 81 first thing, then he sat at the Throne of Flames looking for Terrorpene. And looking. And looking. And... you get the idea.

I'd never seen the fire turtle out in the wild until my sis found him and tamed him on her Nelf Kel. I knew he had a whacko respawn timer, and I figured I would just have to keep checking until I got lucky. But then, with 2 days off, I figured I was done trusting to luck.

Yesterday I had Boo logged in ALL DAY, from 11:30ishAM server time until well after 10PM. I left his screen alone mostly, and played Rift, or tinkered with my toons on my other WoW account, or browsed the interwebs, but Boo stayed put. I switched over to him every so often to fly around and check all the spawn points, so he wouldn't AFK-logout. He did take 2 breaks, once to do some questing for better gear, another short one so I could get away from the PC for a bit.

Terrorpene finally spawned shortly after 9:30, at which point there were 3 other hunters there besides Boo. I got in the first taming attempt, but he killed poor Boo. I got him back to his body just in time to see him put down another lowbie, then managed to try again- dead again. It was kind of a scramble after that, and Boo couldn't get another attempt in before a level 85 tauren hunter tamed him.

Then of course I remembered the elixir I had gotten especially for this. Ugh. The tauren was pretty cool, we sat and chatted for a bit, then he offered to sit around and help Boo get him. By then it was after 10, which meant 1AM my time, so we pretty much called it quits. I got a couple more quests done and Boo leveled, then I parked him again and logged.

I set my alarm before bed so I'd wake up exactly 9 hours after he had spawned, and once the alarm went off Boo was back at his spot. I brought Taurros over too, for buffs and to try healing if it was necessary. 9:30 rolled around, still no turtle. Finally _NPCScan went off at about :40 after. FIRE TURTLE!!

No one else was in sight, so I picked a spot, waited for him to get in range, and popped all Boo's pots and buffs. Once I'd hit Tame Beast (almost forgot to dismiss the trash corehound I'd tamed, go me -_-), I switched to Taurros' screen, to see if he was hibernatable. The spell didn't go off..... because Boo's tame finished before the cast was over. Hah!

It took a bit to settle on a name, I finally went with Runya, which is elvish for "flame." Since I found him so quick, it seemed obvious that I should go level some more! He's a great little tank- a few times I wound up with 2-3 mobs and he hardly took any damage at all. I'm not sure if he even used his shell shield.

We finished up with a quest that seemed appropriate...

Go Go Fire Turtle!

(And on a plus side, all the other pets I wanted for Boo are level 84+, so I can level him the rest of the way in peace. Woot.)

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