Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yes, I'm trying to do stuff that I've been procrastinating about. I'm planning on pounding out the rest of Pitch's backstory stuff, as well as write up a new one. Lark is at 68, so now the grind to 80 really begins. (I may just level her through randoms til I have a good IC reason for her to go to Northrend.) And once I'm done with Lark, I've decided to get Shaurria finished next.

Got something else done that I forgot to mention before...

I got Kaled up to 70, since they were only a few bubs from 69 when I left them last. I love the Jormunger worms, but could never hold onto one with Boogga, he kept running out of stable space. Now Kaled just needs to tame Loque'nahak (when he gets to that level) and his stable will be complete. And yes, I leveled him solo. /sadface Khaotic is working on catching up, although I'm finding a Survival hunter to be kinda hard to play solo. I'm sticking with it though! No matter how much I want to switch her to Marksman.... >.>

I'm actually kind of happy to have another hunter to level, since I've been playing everything but them ever since Boogga became semi-retired. Lark has been a real blast, and I'm hoping it will continue through the Northrend drag. I didn't really understand what other people meant when they'd say they don't like Northrend, but after leveling 6 toons to 80, I can see what they mean now. >.>

Can't think of anything else (though I probably will soon as I post this...), so time to go pass out. Happy Hunting!

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