Friday, May 14, 2010

Hanging around...

So apparently I wore myself out with that last story.... >.>

Lark is up to 74 and still going! Whee! I'd forgotten how much fun hunters are to play, and the speed that she's leveling right now is amazing. I've also been pretty faithful at doing her random dungeon daily everyday, so she's saving up badges for when she reaches 80. I have found one major hiccup though- poor Tuah usually can't hold aggro for more than a few seconds. I've thought a time or two about respeccing (or dual-speccing) her to BM, then going back to Marks when she hits 80. Haven't made up my mind yet, though.

RP for the last week has been... interesting. There's a new guy in town, so to speak- a Night elf druid named Iluthian. The character has interacted with both Pitch and Lark as well as several of their friends, and well? He came off as a bit of a jerk... BUT! The player behind the character has been very cool, and is now working on getting Ilu back into social good graces. He's doing it very well, to boot, and completely in character. This guy is good.

Besides that, it's been good. Pitch has been able to see Skyborne now and then, and he still has Lark around to hunt with. She's in Northrend ICly now, so the two of them have been finding plenty of mischief to get into. Oh, and Lark's gryphon got some armor (the big one, not the little baby >.>), which you might be able to see in the header picture. Not a great shot of Lark herself, but the skylights looked too pretty to pass up.

Not much else has been going on. I put together another movie while our internet was being screwy a few days ago, from when Pitch was still leveling. So, enjoy Pitch vs. a Really Big Bear. Happy Hunting!

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