Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alanon's Plan: Part 2

Aríen waves at you.

You smile at Aríen.

Aríen hugs you.

Alanón says: Sit, please

Aríen nods at Arvoss.

Arvoss eyes Aríen with an odd look.

Arvoss says: Ye're a paladin

Aríen says: I am

Arvoss nods.

Arvoss says: Ye found me, ye wanted t' talk o' sommat, wha's yer business?

Alanón says: I wanted to ask you something, about Shaurria

Arvoss says: Shaur? Wha' about 'er?

Alanón says: Before I ask anything, I should probably tell you a bit about my people

Arvoss raises his eyebrow inquisitively at you.

Alanón says: We night elves can be... insular at times. Some of us more than others

Arvoss says: Aye?

Alanón says: We tend to take care of our own business without outside interference. Such as.... a young orphan, living without supervision or influence...

Arvoss blinks, then frowns.

Arvoss says: A'righ', wha're ye oan about? Wha's tha' got t' do wi' Shaur?

Alanón says: She has no parents, no official teachers, in fact, no Kal'dorei influences at all, outside of myself and my brother

Aríen says: And that other druid, Kal's friend

Alanón says: And Pitch is... not looked on favorably by many of the Circle

Alanón says: Windstar would be considered too young, she is barely older than Shaur

Aríen nods. "That is true."

Arvoss says: Sae wha'?

Arvoss glares.

Alanón says: My people would want to correct the problem. Most likely by sending someone and fetching her back home. To Teldrassil

Arvoss blinks at you.

Arvoss says: Ye'd take 'er away?

Alanón says: They would, yes

Arvoss frowns, then glares at Alanón, fingers twitching toward a runeblade.

Arvoss says: Ye'd take 'er ovah mah dead body. She's nae goin' annehwhere!

Alanón says: Arvoss

Aríen makes a soothing gesture, shaking her head.

Alanón says: I am not planning on taking her anywhere

Arvoss blinks again, but doesn't look convinced.

Alanón says: I know how you take care of her. And how you feel about her. But...

Alanón says: The Circle sees you as just a human, and the fact that you're a death knight makes it ten times worse

Arvoss scowls. "An'?"

Alanón says: So, my question... Would you allow me to adopt Shaurria?

Arvoss blinks.

Arvoss says: Adop' 'er?

Alanón says: I assure you, I will not take her away

Alanón says: She'll stay here just like she has been

Arvoss peers at you searchingly.

Arvoss says: .... ye expect me t' trust ye, afteh ye told me allat?

Aríen raises her eyebrow inquisitively at Arvoss.

Alanón smiles faintly.

Alanón says: I am not like most of my peers, which is partly why I'm here in the first place

Alanón says: If she is my ward, they won't be able to touch her. She will be left in peace, especially since I will be continuing to teach her

Arvoss grunts.

Alanón says: But I won't do this unless you agree. I need your permission

Arvoss says: Wha' fer? Ye jes' all bu' said ye could take 'er off annehtahm ye wanted t'

Alanón says: But I will not

Alanón says: I'm asking for your trust. I give you my word, I won't take her from you

Aríen says: And if it helps, you have my word as well

Arvoss frowns in thought, looking down for a moment. He looks back up with a small, sad smile.

Arvoss says: Sae ye say tha' if Ah dinnae agree, they'll mos' like take 'er fra me

Alanón says: I'm afraid so

Arvoss says: An' if Ah agree, she'll be safe

Aríen nods.

Alanón says: Yes, I give you my word

Arvoss shakes his head. "But she willnae be mah girl annehmore." His smile becomes, if anything, even more sad.

Arvoss says: Ye're nae givin' me a choice innit, ye ken tha'?

Alanón returns the smile. "I'm afraid not. Not if you want to keep her here and safe."

Arvoss shakes his head again, then rubs his face in his hands.

Arvoss says: D'ye even ken wha' yer askin'? Yer askin' me t' give up mah girl

Aríen looks at Arvoss sympathetically.
Alanón says: I have had two children of my own. I understand

Alanón says: Arvoss, she'll still be yours. Nothing on paper will change that

Arvoss says: But Ah'll ken it

Arvoss says: .... Lemme think oan it. Ah'll let ye ken in a day'r twa

Alanón says: Of course

Aríen nods.

Arvoss looks from one to the other, then sighs.

Alanón stands and offers a hand to Aríen.

Aríen accepts it with a smile.

Alanón says: I will contact you in a few days, Arvoss

Arvoss nods, staring down broodingly at his hands.

Aríen offers Arvoss a small reassuring smile as she walks past.


Two days later-

Alanon's buzzbox squawked, and he quickly picked it up. The death knight's voice came over the frequency. "Oi, elf, ye there?" Alanon pressed the button. "Yes, Arvoss. I'm here." There was silence for several seconds, until the druid wondered if the transmission had been lost. Then, quietly, "Mah ansah's aye. Ye can do it." Alanon breathed a sigh of relief, then hit the button again. "Thank you, Arvoss," he started to say, but the box clicked and the channel went dead.

Alanon sighed again, then began packing a few things. Time to head back to Stormwind and see what Shaurria thought.

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