Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pitch and Lark: Options

I mentioned before that Lark was involved in some RP to fix her infertility. Shad's player has been helping out with that, and she's been beyond awesome. Lark had her initial tests, and last night Shad let them know that he had some news for them.

Yay, chatlogs?

I'm actually writing the next part for this, which should hopefully go up later today (because if it doesn't it'll be late >.>).

Note: Yes, they are talking about girly things. There's nothing explicit going on, but if you're easily embarrassed... well, you've been warned.


[ExileIC] Shad: Pitch? Lark? Are you about?
[ExileIC] Wildlark: Yes
[ExileIC] Shad: Would you be interested in meeting?
[ExileIC] Wildlark: Yes, where did you want to meet?
[ExileIC] Shad: Either the Pig or out by Olivia's Pond. The Pond is quieter.
[ExileIC] Wildlark: Pond sounds good, we'll be right there

Pitchblàck says: Found you!

Shad smiles. "Good job."

Shad says: How are you both doing?

Pitchblàck says: Our house has a porch!

Wildlark snerks at Pitch.

Shad grins at Pitchblàck wickedly.

Wildlark says: We're both fine

Shad says: Some of you seem to be in particularly good moods.

Pitchblàck says: This is fairly typical for me

Shad grins.

Wildlark says: It is

Shad says: Well, hopefully this will only make things better.

Pitchblàck 's ear twitches as Wynd gnaws on his tail.

Wildlark says: You found something?

Shad says: More precisely, I found absolutely nothing.

Wildlark pulls a toy from her pocket and tosses it.

Shad says: Which is, in its way, something.

Wildlark raises an eyebrow. "Something good?"

Shad says: In this case, yes. The female reproductive cycle depends on a certain cycle of chemicals the body produces. At present, your body is not currently producing one of them, so your cycle has simply...gone dormant.

Wildlark blinks.

Shad says: It is not altogether uncommon amongst kal'dorei.

Wildlark says: ... makes sense, I guess. Can you fix it?

Shad nods.

Shad says: The question is how you wish to go about it.

Pitchblàck looks curious. "Is it something you can just... magic up?"

Shad shakes his head. "Not I. There are...three options. One is, I give you herbs to take. You can take them in tea or simply eat them. In six to nine months, you should begin to have cycles again."

Wildlark nods.

Shad says: Another route is, you obtain a few items of potent healing power from certain locations in Outland, and I can treat it magically over the course of four to six weeks.

Wildlark blinks, looking extremely curious. "What items?"

Pitchblàck pricks his ears.

Shad says: I have a list here. I would need...either the Totem of Spontaneous Growth or Quagmirran's Eye. Both of those would be found in the Slave Pens.

Shad says: In Underbog, you could find either the Alembic of Infernal Power --do not be disturbed by the name--or the Stormshield of Renewal.

Wildlark nods again.

Shad says: And the Botanica. Either Prismatic Mittens of Mending or the Warp Splinter's Thorn.

Shad says: But, if you wanted instantaneous and absolutely certain results, there is still one more option.

Wildlark cocks her head.

Shad says: You would need to travel into Ulduar and touch an Eonar's Gift.

Wildlark blinks. "And that's it? That's all it would take?"

Shad nods. "They are extremely powerful healing plants. The problem would be getting to them and not, ah...being smashed by Freya, if she is unwell."

Wildlark says: True

Pitchblàck does not look happy about the smashing bit.

Pitchblàck says: If you do that, I'm coming with you

Shad says: But yes. You could start trying immediately then, though no guarantees you would become pregnant immediately.

Shad grins. "And I would recommend going home first, naturally."

Wildlark says: Babe, I wouldn't make you stay behind

Shad says: You would probably need several helpers. Something we could likely cast about for.

Pitchblàck looks mollified.

Wildlark nods. The wheels in her head are obviously spinning.

Shad says: I would leave the choice to you. If you like, I can give you a two week's supply of the herbs to use while you decide. No reason not to get started on them.

Wildlark nods again.

Shad reaches into his bag for a few small pouches and offers them over.
"Crush all three herbs together."

Wildlark takes them with a brief smile. "Thanks."

Shad smiles.

Shad says: Do you have any questions?

Wildlark says: This will fix it, right? Any of those three?

Shad nods. "Yes."

Wildlark says: I mean, permanently?

Shad says: Well, it is possible your body might sink into dormancy again if you had a long period of sexual inactivity.

Wildlark gives a crooked grin. "Not too much worry there."

Shad smiles. "I did not think so."

Pitchblàck clears his throat, turning a shade or two darker under his fur.

Wildlark grins again, reaching over to ruffle Pitch's ears.

Shad chuckles softly.

Wildlark says: We'll talk this over, and I'll get back to you once we've decided what to do

Shad nods.

Pitchblàck nods.

Shad says: Very well.

Shad says: And do let me know if you have any questions in the meanwhile.

Shad brushes his pants off.

Wildlark says: Of course

Shad says: Oh...and where -is- this house with a porch?

Wildlark grins. "Little place right next to the enchanter's shop."

Shad says: New lodgings?

Wildlark nods.

Shad says: Congratulations.

Shad grins. "Solid lodgings are the first step toward becoming a parent, you know."

Wildlark says: I had been staying in the University dorms. Arrens wouldn't have kicked me out, but I prefer not to impose

Shad nods.

Wildlark grins back. "It even has a spare bedroom."

Shad says: -Perfect-.

Shad says: All right. Do have a good evening, both of you.

Pitchblàck says: You too!

Shad bows down graciously.

Wildlark says: Goodnight Shad, and thanks

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