Saturday, July 23, 2011

Options, part 2

And finished!

The list lay in the middle of the kitchen table. On either side sat the two Kal'dorei, Lark sipping her tea while Pitch studied the paper again, chin on his fists on the table. He glanced up just in time to catch Lark's grimace, and grinned. "My sisters have told me that earthroot tastes terrible," he said helpfully. Lark swatted at him.

"Just make up your mind which item you want to try for first," she told him. "Besides, I'm not sure I want to know why your sisters were telling you about earthroot anyway."

Pitch smirked, but went back to the list. He tapped the name on top with a finger. "This totem thingy might be easy to find. Maybe." He looked up again. "I still say we should at least try Ulduar. It would save time."

Lark shrugged. "Do we really want to drag who-knows-how-many others into it? Besides, what if no one's interested?"

Pitch gave an exasperated sigh. "They are Riders," he said slowly and carefully. "So are you. If nobody's interested I'll eat my tail." He cocked his head at her. "It won't hurt anything to ask, and if no one comes..." He tapped the paper meaningfully.

Lark watched him with a rueful half-grin. "Are you trying to say that I'm too used to working on my own?" she joked. Pitch didn't bother to answer the mostly-rhetorical question, absorbed in studying the list again. Lark sighed. "I am, I think. All right, what do you say we make a notice or something, and see who shows interest?" Pitch's reply was a broad grin.

The next day a small sign was posted on the Pig's bulletin board. In an untidy scrawl it read:

("Good gods, Pitch, that's your handwriting? They won't even be able to read it."

"Hush you.")

Pitch and Lark need assistance in getting into Ulduar. Further details will be provided at the Pig on the next pub night.

("Hopefully that will keep people from trying to track us down every hour of the day."

"Should I add anything else?"

"No, that's probably good.")

Signed, Pitch and Lark

("That was probably pretty obvious from the first line, Pitch."

"Eh, I like to be thorough.")

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