Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dang but this feels good...

Remember when I said that Nef was still defying us, but we'd get him down? Well, see for yourself!

We had a lot of trouble at first with the first phase and add control and positioning, but eventually everything came together, and he went down pretty easy. No hunter loot, but Lark got a pretty achievement. :D

After Neffy we went back to a fresh Bastion of Twilight, and proceeded to one-shot everything, including Cho'gall. I forgot to take a screenshot last time, so got one this time. Also, Halfus gave Lark a very nice present!

I happened to glance at Recount after the fight and got another nice surprise. She was Marksmanship for the fight, but still.

Her new owl finally got a name. Thanks Domin!

I'm pronouncing it "Owen." He got to come along and help with the trash, though I pulled out Quiloe or Trev for the boss fights.

We went on to Throne of the Four Winds, and got the Conclave down on our second try. Lark got a new belt with some decent stats, so she is now fully epic-geared. She almost has enough JP for her second piece of t11, and we're going back to Firelands tomorrow night to try some bosses.

That's about all I can think of. Planning on camping for Ban'thalos until I get tired and go to bed (or until he spawns >.>), though not sure how long that'll be. Hopefully I'll get lucky and Lark will have a shiny new pet to take to the raid tomorrow. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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