Friday, July 15, 2011

Molten Front Update- Lark

Lark has been doing her dailies pretty faithfully, even when the others haven't gotten around to them. So naturally, she was the first one to get past the beginning area in the Firelands. I decided to unlock the Druids of the Talon first, mostly because I fail at rock-hopping. >.>

Their dailies are pretty fun, and easy enough. She was lucky enough to finish off a couple more achievements, then when I was wrapping up I had a surprise NPC_Scan alert.

Karkin had just spawned. I decided to go look at him, even though I wanted him more on Booggah. I didn't log over mostly because Boo was nowhere near his spawnpoint, and I figured that by the time I'd gotten him there, someone would have tamed the crab. So Lark went to get a peek at him, and while she did I started thinking...

And then I noticed the blood elf hunter behind me emoting at me.

She not only let me tame him uninterrupted, but she even silenced him for me! (His "special" attack stuns and does heavy damage, possibly one-shots you, so interrupting it is a must.) So after a few seconds, Lark had herself a crab.

Next he needed a name. It took me a good while, but one finally came to me.

If you were wondering, yes that is Pitch in the background.

He went to Tol Barad with her to do those dailies (which got Lark honored with her guild), and while I'm not as smitten as I was with Oen, I think he's gonna be a keeper. And I don't feel too badly for Boo- he'll respawn again, and then Boo can have his turn.

It's kinda funny that I mention all the grief these rares are causing, and then a couple days later this happens. It's almost enough to hope that maybe I was wrong, and there are still more good people than bad out there. :)

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