Friday, January 28, 2011

The Final Touches

Lark's stable is finally complete.

...Yes, I know I've said that before. And yes, she might find another critter or two to add to the bunch (I'm debating Olm, but he'd have to wait for the next patch anyway, since he's MIA right now. And I may get him on another toon, haven't decided yet.).

Anyways! I mentioned before how I was poking around a bit for Gondria? Well, I actually got up early today (*gasp*) and thought I'd go take a lap around Zul'drak, since I've gotten lucky like that before.

*Cues drumroll*

She was sitting by the stairs near Zim'Rhuk, tame went off without a hitch. I have noticed, however, that I absolutely fail at taking screenies before/during the tame. Meh. "She" is now a he, and makes Lark's 3rd spirit beast!

Heading back from Northrend, I suddenly remembered that when I had Trev out and camouflaged, he disappeared. So while Lark was on the boat, I figured I'd test what Kao did. Lolz.

If it weren't for the shadow...

Next stop was over to Kalimdor, Thousand Needles to be exact. I saw these parrots flying around, and thought they were gorgeous. So, yea...

I'm not sold on the name, it was kinda random. I may wind up renaming him.

Last stop was Swamp of Sorrows for this guy.

Rage is one of Lark's long-dead previous pets- aka he is not and likely never will be an IC pet. So why did I tame him on Lark instead of another hunter? It was mostly for me, because 1- I love, love, LOVE this model, and 2- I'm still writing his story, and having a bit of trouble with spots. So hopefully having him out with her, even if it is OOC, will help push my brain a bit in the right directions.

That will likely be it for Lark, at least until the next content patch that brings new beasties to tame. >.> My other hunters are still working on their stables, in fact Kaledain just tamed the Razza, and he is looking for Deathmaw, and Booggah picked up both Hell-Hoot and an Azshara chimaera that will be turning a lovely buff color after the next patch. And like I said, I haven't decided yet who will get Olm when he comes out of hiding. I'll work on getting screenies of their new babies soonish. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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