Friday, January 21, 2011

And then there were Two... and other stuff(picture-heavy)

I was doing one of my fly-bys in Twilight Highlands- still no Sambas- and when I finished I decided to park at one of his spawn points while I tabbed out. A few minutes later, NPCScan started blaring at me...

...and once I was done squeeing, I remembered to take screenshots.

If that wasn't awesome enough, a little bit later one of Pitch's guildies asks over the OOC channel if anyone was looking for Loque'nahak. Once I actually registered what he said, I switched over to Booggah...

I just don't even.... This felt even better than when Lark found and tamed him. Finally, finally, after nearly 2 years, Boo has him.

.... I really didn't want to log him off, though. >.>

After that, I tinkered around on Shaurria (she's over halfway to 80!) until it was time for Pitch's Lich King raid.

... did I forget to mention that? >.>

One of the Riders had a raid ID saved, with only Arthas left alive. Enough people showed interest that we planned it for tonight. Pitch tagged along for his shot at a shiny new (for him) title.

There may have been a bit of silliness before the pull. >.>

But then again, maybe Arthas likes sandbox tigers?

There were also a couple herbalists in the raid...

Did you know that priests can Life-grip flowers? And hunter pets, too.

It took us several tries, all the way up until our 10 o'clock server cut-off time. Various shenanigans all wanted to keep us from getting this dude down- including my game having a critical error and crashing right when Pitch was targeted by a Defile. >.> But finally everything came together... and Arthas smashed us all dead. Wait, what?

Best res request ever. We finished him off, had some RP, and called it a night.


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