Saturday, January 8, 2011

And another joins the pack...

Logged on after work today and decided to do a lap around Twilight Highlands. Lark has been hunting for both Karoma and Sambas since she first hit 85- not serious hunting, but just porting into the Highlands and running a lap or 2 when I don't have anything else to do. I did find Karoma dead once, but otherwise hadn't seen a whisker of either. I haven't been letting it bother me; she'll find them when she finds them, and I'm not in any rush- these will probably be the last pets she picks up anyways.

So, to get back to today... I had just cleared my cache for NPCScan and added the Overlay addon for it, then I logged into the game and started flapping along. Everything was quiet as usual, until I got to Karoma's spawnpoint near the Crucible of Carnage....

He was just sitting there waiting for her! When NPCScan went off at first I didn't quite believe it, then my next thought was "Oh no, someone else will get to him first! Gogo!" It took me a minute to find him, then I swooped down, jumped off the gryphon and dropped trap/hit tame. It went off without a hitch, leaving me with a new pet and shaking hands.

Again. Man, I love that feeling.

He's now named Trev (another random popped-in-my-head name), and he'll get some action next time Lark gets in a dungeon/raid. He'll be another OOC pet unless I think of a really good reason for her to have him. Still looking for Sambas too, though I'll be competing with my sister's hunter for him. ;)

And a sidenote: Lark got into her first Cataclysm raid, a Baradin Hold mostly-guild run. Lark was one of 2 pugs they had. It took a few attempts, but we got Argoloth down in the end. No huntery stuff dropped, but it was still fun learning the fight and actually getting him down. Lark wasn't particularly spectacular as far as dps went, but she's since gotten a new crossbow and should do better next time.

And that's about it. Pitch will hopefully be hitting 85 in the next day or two, then I get to start gearing him up. He will hopefully be raiding with the Riders, so he'll get plenty of action himself. After that, I need to figure out who will be next to level. :( Oh well.

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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