Friday, February 4, 2011

A long time coming...

This is not an easy post for me.

I've been playing exclusively on Feathermoon almost since the expansion went live. Turron, my warrior on Gilneas, reached 81 the first day and hasn't been touched since, even though I was planning on making him my raiding main. I have a collection of baby alts there as well, none of which has seen any playtime either. This bugs the heck out of me- if I have the toons I want to play them, not let them sit around doing nothing. But I've lost any inclination to play my Gilneas toons, and I think I know why.

Feathermoon has become "home" to me. Even with the idiots and jerks that you find on every server, it's the one I'm most comfortable on. Mostly it's the people- it's nice to know that whatever time it is I feel like playing, there will be others to chat with, gripe to, and group up with for instances. And there's the RP, which has become my biggest reason for still playing the game. There's nothing like that on Gilneas. Yes, I have my guildies, but none of them are interested in RP, and they are nearly all on only later in the evening, which means that I wind up spending a lot of time by myself. This gets... well, boring. And lonely. It usually only takes me a few minutes before I find myself logging back over to Feathermoon.

I feel horrible about it, but the friends I've made on Feathermoon feel... closer? than the ones I have on Gilneas, even though I've known the latter for longer (a lot longer in some cases). Many of my fellow Feathermoonies even share a lot of stuff in common, which isn't true so much for Gilneas.

It really came home to me when Booggah got Loque'nahak- my friend, who found him for me, had originally planned to kill him, then had second thoughts. That kind of reminded me of when my sister was looking for him, back when Kel was still on Gilneas. To simplify it, our guildies were getting tired of hearing about her search and frustrations about it, to the point that one of them even threatened to kill Loque himself if he happened to find him. He was joking about it, but even so it was an unkind (even cruel, considering her frame of mind at the time) thing to do. I've never had an incident like that happen on Feathermoon- in fact, when I mentioned that Lark was looking for Karoma and Sambas I had several people offer to help.

Another thing that has made a difference is the raids I've been on, on both servers. With my Gilneas guildies we raided pretty regularly, and we did fairly at it, but I think we were hurt by the fact that we had to PUG a couple people nearly every time. We had some issues with working together, even among guildies, and we had the occasional fight over loot. On Feathermoon I never got into a regular raid group, but I did do the weekly raid nearly every time, and I did it with people I knew. It made a world of difference to be with folks who knew each other, worked together well, and didn't seem to care overmuch for the loot- if we did had any fights it was more likely the "You take it" "No, you" variety. And I'm fairly proud to say that my toons were able to fit in pretty well with everyone.

Now that 2 of my toons on Feathermoon are in larger guilds, I have the possibility of raiding with them regularly. With Pitch being in the Wildfire Riders now, it's pretty much a definite for him. And that leaves me with another possibility- if I do level up Turron and gear him, then start raiding with him on Gilneas, it's only a matter of time before scheduling conflicts will crop up. And it happened before, with our GM scheduling raids on my Feathermoon RP nights, and frankly? I chose to sit out those raids, and they found replacements for me. So really, I wasn't missed. I'm not bitter about it or anything, just stating facts.

I've been thinking and debating about all this for several weeks now, and I've finally made up my mind. Today I transferred Turron to Feathermoon. I haven't say anything to my Gilneas guild (mostly because I haven't seen any of them), but they'll figure it out soon enough. I will miss the people there that I was friends with, but I'll still be able to talk with them in vent, and I'm leaving my baby Caelan-shammy there, just in case anything changes. And who knows, maybe someday we'll be able to drag some folks over to Feathermoon!

My other Gilneas toons are uncertain. None of them are above level 10, so it will be easy to reroll them on another server if I decide to do that. I probably will, I've made a couple baby hunters on Nesingwary Horde-side, so my pally, lock and troll-cat will likely join them.

So. This wasn't really meant to be a sad or a rant post, I just needed to get these thoughts out of my head, and also give some explanation for my choices. I am glad that I will be able to play Turron now on the server that's become my home, because I've missed him. And now I really ought to go do something, rather than sit here typing. >.>

Happy Hunting!

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