Friday, February 18, 2011

Catching Up

Wow, I've seriously forgotten this place, haven't I? I think it's time for an update.

Lark (and Pitch, once I've finished gearing him) now has a raid group, which will be starting next week. Only one night a week, which is pretty nice. Lark's new pets are almost done levelling, with Kao at 85 now, Rage at 84, and Luka next up. Tol Barad is awesome for pet-levelling, just saying.

Pitch's gear is coming along nicely, now that I'm actually focusing somewhat on doing it. Heroics are getting easier with better gear and people that know what they're doing, though the queue times are still painfully long. He's replaced his last greens, and has several pieces of a tank set now. Not enough to actually start tanking yet, but it's getting there.

Shaurria is up to 83, although I haven't done much besides pick flowers since then. She's been sending most of her herbs to Barraccus for his inscription, though Alanon is getting some for his alchemy. The leather Shaur gets is being saved towards Pitch's epic leather gear, but she's making enough money just from questing and stuff.

Turron is right on Shaur's heels at 82, and will likely be my next to cap after her. I'm seriously going to work on his tank gear before any dps gear, because I want to get back into tanking bad. After Tur it will probably be Barraccus' turn, unless a certain pally gets high enough that I feel justified levelling him next.

Yup, Davoss is now 60 and has his bird, who is named Trebar for now. Pallying is fun, both ret and prot. It amuses me that the best way to kill things on Dav is to round up 4-6 mobs and AOE them all down. I haven't tanked any BC dungeons yet, but that's my next goal.

Rheugan is 43 and climbing steadily, thanks to the cooking/fishing dailies in Stormwind. He's been doing those nearly every day- in fact his last level was just on those, the holiday dailies, and picking herbs. Levelling is crazy right now.

RP-wise he's doing much better, in fact I have a story or 2 waiting to sort themselves out from the mess in my head. I'll try to get something written down soon, I promise.

My Horde toons have been so neglected, I feel bad for them. I have done some things with them, mostly pet-taming with my hunters. Speaking of which, here's most of the new additions.

Shaurria found Giggler while she was out archaeologying, and I couldn't resist. Wish I could think of a name for him, though. >.<

I don't remember if I posted a picture of their foxes yet, so here they are. The white one's name means "puppy", I thought that was amusing. And no, I didn't deliberately wait for the synchronized sniffing, though I'll admit I took the picture pretty quick when they did it.

Khaotic got a new ghostly friend to go along with her ghost saber, Gulhalrathn. This guy's name means "wolf", I'm so original.

Kaled had to get a wolf to match, of course. I wanted this guy as soon as I found out about the color change, and he was nice enough to spawn as soon as I went to look for him after Patch-day. He's now named Vyusher, which... also means "wolf". >.>

Boogah's got a few friends too, which I think I mentioned before. I haven't taken a screenie of his chimaera yet, but here's his new owl. Again, I need to think of a name.

And that's all I can think of for now. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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