Monday, March 8, 2010

Got a post around here somewhere...

Wow, it's been a week since my last post. Blagh.

Kaled and Khaotic are finally in Northrend!! Got them to 68 earlier, then they shipped out to Howling Fjord. Gonna play around over there for awhile, then probably head to Borean in a level or two. I will hopefully farm up the badges for a couple heirloom bows for them soon, I've been procrastinating like crazy. But they do have their Cold-Weather flying!

I also spent some time on my troll Narzabeki yesterday, and finally got her to 20.

Haven't thought of a name for him yet, though Boogga's land mounts never got named either, so he might stay nameless. Oh well.

Shaurria is still sitting at 70, she has all the quests for Nexus/Utgarde Keep, so I'm thinking of running her through those before going back to questing. She has more or less officially met Alanon now too, so she'll be learning how to druid-heal! Gonna try to write up parts of that, we'll see how it goes. I'm thinking of getting her epic flying before her dual spec, though, just for faster questing. She'll need level 71 to learn her speedy purple bird, but after the instances she'll probably have that.

I've had a couple more story ideas involving Lark floating around in my head, so she'll probably be making an appearance again. I also, uh, might have rolled her as a character. >.> But I didn't have any hunters on Feathermoon Alliance-side, so this makes up for it. Right?

I want to get poor forgotten Andrano up to 20, so he can get his mount too, but haven't decided when I'll do that yet. Hopefully he'll get there soon.

Been listening to a bunch of random music lately, and I've come to realize that Arvoss would probably listen to something a lot like this. Enjoy.

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