Monday, March 15, 2010

Catching Up Again

Hello there little blog. I haven't forgotten about you, really. >.>

My guild on Gilneas has gotten the first wing of ICC pretty much down. So last weekend after downing Saurfang, we went on to the Plague(?) wing.

Festergut and Rotface are UGLY. Just saying.

We couldn't get either of them down, I think we need a little better gear + coordination, but we'll keep trying. One attempt on Festergut got him to 4% before we wiped. 4%!!

I have been doing some major huntering lately. Lark has gone from level 13 to 20 in 3 days. I'm fairly impressed with myself. Also, I've found her possible theme song. >.>

This guy's name is Wynd, unless I think of something better. Also, I think I unintentionally tried to match her pet.

I haven't done much with my other alts. Andrano is 18 now, I got on him long enough to do a random dungeon which leveled him. I want to level Evirace and Davoss up soon, so they can run randoms too. Davoss will especially have a fun time, I think, seeing as how I'll be leveling him as a tank. Insta-queue ftw?

Trying to get in some RP for Shaurria soon, to show off her new skills. Alanon has started showing her how to heal, though I've been procrastinating about getting her dual-specced. She did get level 71 after both UK and Nexus, so she's a speedy purple birdy now!

Been writing a lot about Pitch and Lark, just tinkering with ideas, and I think I know what I'm doing with them now. Ought to be fun. Also, I need to get Lark around people so she can meet folks. Hmmm...

I've been having trouble with my hunters for ages, where the loading screen will freeze up when I try to log on. I ran a full repair thinger to try and fix it, and it seems to have worked. Now I'm off to re-install addons, and hope none of them screw it up again. >.>

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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