Friday, March 26, 2010

Changes and stuff

Forgot to mention some things in my last couple update posts. Firstly, Pitch has a new title:

He'll probably never use that title, but it's fun to have it. I mean, come on- Elder Pitch? And yes, he's in a guild now. I totally made a vanity guild, just so he could have that tag in-game. Hehe.

I have since gotten my tauren warrior Taurron transferred, and went ahead and faction-changed him to boot. He's now a human, with my raiding guild on Gilneas. Hey, maybe now I'll level him. >.>

He's got an ebon gryphon now too, which is going to keep the same name his wyvern had (Tobar). I have no idea what to name his horse. Ah well. Barraccus immediately started spoiling him, with a Cold-Weather Flying book and some new shoulders courtesy of the stone-keeper shards he'd been hoarding. Hurray for quicker leveling, right?

Lark is up to 34 and still going. I was going to try for getting her Gnomeregan/Monastery quests done today, but technical difficulties said "No!" I'll try again tomorrow, I think.

My Gilneas guild has been going through some changes, some maybe good, others not so much. Barraccus sat out for last week's raids, for starters. I'm having mixed feelings about it all. We've reached the point that between our guild members, and the people we're allied with, we have too many for the 10-mans but not enough for 25s. I wasn't happy at all for being benched, but on the other hand.... The last few raids I wasn't really into it, since I wanted to be on Feathermoon. Distractions like that are not good when you're still working on ICC's first wing. But I also feel we're pushing too hard. We've mostly gotten everything figured up to Saurfang, but we still have trouble on some fights. Now the GM wants to push on to the Plague and Blood (?) wings. Frankly, I don't think we're ready. We need to be doing the content we know we can clear, to get our people geared up and work on our teamwork. But hey, what do I know? :P

Going to stop right there, because I don't want to start a rant. So, gonna leave you with a little new art. First, have a Lark/Tuah pic.

And I finished that Pitch/Lark picture. In the interest of keeping my blog family-friendly, I'm linking from my deviantArt page. Here you go, hope you like it!

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