Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Art Binge Continues...

Did some more new stuff, and also still working on my old ones. Here's a few:

Sleepy Pitch. Still a WIP. The funny doodle on his back was going to be a Shaur/Alanon head, but I think I'm gonna leave it as just Pitch. Cleanup process starting soon.

This was just a quick tracing of a screenshot that I colored for practice. I kinda like it.

It's a druid trio!! From left to right- Pitch, Alanon, and their sister Jahira (who is my sister's character). Inking and possibly coloring to start soon-ish. Also, I did this in one day, at work while on breaks. Fun stuff!

Trying to think up some stories, but Artz has taken over my brain. To see what Pitch, Shaur and Co. have been up to, check here.

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