Thursday, August 6, 2009

I didn't really mean it, but...

Apparently I scared my computer by mentioning I wanted to kill it, because it died last night. I spent all afternoon playing with no sound, then before I went to bed I tried rebooting it to see if the sound would come back.

I hit restart, Windows shut down, and it started to boot back up and.....

Blue screen.

So I have hijacked my brother's computer to type this up, and will be computer-less this weekend (unless I can "borrow" my sister's like I did last time). The good news is my new PC should be ready by this weekend, so I'll hopefully get it Monday. ^_^

And I am LOVING the new druid forms/colors. Wanted to show off my two babies, because they are the awesomest.

First is Pitchblack in his teddy bear form. He is so cute in this picture, I want to cuddle him. :P

And Taurros the tauren, who will soon be my next level 80 (I hope). Maybe not as cute as Pitch, but he looks so cool now. ^_^

That's it for now. I'm not holding my breath about getting my new PC after what happened last time, so you'll see me when you see me. Happy Hunting!

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