Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 5 with no computer...

But my dad got one of his back (he had 2 that needed repair about the same time mine crashed /boggle?) so I am currently installing WoW on this one, since my bro's is all wonky. It's installing pretty fast, but it's taking forever just cause it's so big. It wouldn't bother me so much, except...

It's RP night on Feathermoon, and I'm missing it! /cry. It is at 97% as I'm typing this and it's after 10pm, so I figure my night's pretty much shot. Shaurria is gonna miss her weekly ear-rub-begging.

My computer was not ready on Monday obviously (duh!). It only needs a clip so the motherboard(?) can be mounted inside the case, then I believe it will be finished. It's taking so long because he ordered the part on Friday, and of course no one ships anything over the weekend... I'm hoping desperately that it will only be another day or two.

Going to get off the interwebz so I'm not using up bandwidth. See ya in Azeroth soon, I hope!

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