Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 3 with no computer...

I'm on my sister's pc right now. I really ought to be playing since she'll want it back soon, but eh. I've also used my brother's a couple times, but there's something wonky going on with his graphics, so playing on it is....difficult, to put it mildly. Been on Taurros mostly while I'm on it, since I have all his hotkeys memorized.

Haven't heard anything yet about my new computer, but I'm still hopeful that I'll be able to get it Monday. I would love to have it be all ready to play on by Tuesday' RP night on Feathermoon. If it isn't, I may hijack my bro's again.

Pitch was about 4-5 bars from level 58 last time I had played him, so I leveled him up yesterday and got him to Outland. Where he promptly got 2 more levels. Yep, he's now 60 and is flying around getting all his discovers. I'm debating getting him his dual spec, so he can start tanking if it's needed (he is pure kitty right now). Gonna think on that some more before I actually do it, tho.

And here is Pitch, in his birdy form, with Zeth'gor in the background.

Keep fingers crossed that the new PC is ready soon! :) -Happy Hunting!

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