Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have come to a few realizations...

The first is, I can be really ADD in-game.

The second is, I cannot for the life of me get Barraccus to his next level. He has been 75 for weeks and I can't even log on him for more than a few minutes. I remember this happening when I was leveling Boogga and Alanon too. There's just something about the halfway point that baffles me.

I'm hoping that if I can focus long enough to get 2-3 quests done at a time, in a few more weeks he will reach 76. Then he can go quest in Sholazar Basin, which is my favorite zone, and hopefully break out of this leveling slump.

I really want to get him up to 80, because the next in line for leveling is my favorite, Taurros the feral druid. If there's any toon that I can escape the midway slump on, it will probably be him.

The third thing I've realized is that in WoW, I go through phases. I had a PVP phase back before Wrath was released and got several pieces of gear on several toons while I was at it. I've gone through a couple "raiding" phases (currently at the end of one, I'm almost glad that my Alliance guild has stopped seriously raiding just cause it gives me a break). I go through alt-leveling phases almost like clockwork (this seems to be the phase I'm in right now). And I have also started an RP phase. This last I think is because I have never actually tried to actively roleplay on any of my characters, so it's kind of a "new shiny" thing.

Playing Barraccus for the short bit I did was the first time I was on Gilneas for a long time. I think perhaps some of my guildies might have been upset that I haven't logged on in so long, particularly my GM. She wasn't online while I was, so I don't know for sure, but she did put an interesting guild note on Crison, who has been mostly playing on the same servers I have. That's what really made me notice just how ADD I can be in WoW. I tend to focus on one thing for a short while, then something else will come along and I'll pretty much forget what I was just doing. Couple examples are: leveling Barraccus to 80, getting Kaled & Khaotic their PVP mounts, raising profession skills on various toons, etc.

Playing on Feathermoon has been fun, though. When I'm on Shaurria, I've been trying to interact with as many people as I reasonably can, and she's even made a few friends. I'll probably be posting another story of her, Arvoss & Co. sometime soon, as well as another Kaled & Khaotic story if I can kick my brain into gear. Right now I seem to be having some writer's block.

Can't think of anything else noteworthy to add, so til next time Happy Hunting!

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