Saturday, July 25, 2009

Arvoss: Darrowshire, prelude

Arvoss sat in the Park, watching Shaurria walk around him batting at random grass tufts. She stopped suddenly, dropping to a crouch and tamping her back feet a few times, then leaped out, covering a dozen feet in one jump. The squirrel she had targeted squeaked and ran for its tree, making it just barely ahead of the druid. Arvoss sighed. "Kitten," he called to her.

Shaur was staring up into the tree after the squirrel, but quickly turned and loped over to him. Skidding to a stop, she rubbed first her head, then her whole length against his plate-covered back, ending up flopped on the ground at his side. He tried for a stern stare. "Ye've jus' 'ad yer dinneh, naow ye shouldnae be chasin' squirrels when ye've got a full belly," he told her. She considered this for a moment, then gave him a baffled look. Shifting out to her night elf form, she sat down next to him. "But then when should I chase them, Arvoss?" she asked, her forehead furrowed in confusion. He sighed again and changed the subject.

"Ah've got ta go out agin, kitten. Dinnae ken 'ow long Ah'll be gone this tahm," he said. Her face fell. "More smithing stuff?" she asked him. He shook his head. "Nah, this's diff'ren'," he said quietly. "Ah 'ave ta... there's jus' sommat Ah've got ta do, is all." She frowned, then brightened again. "I can watch your house while you're gone," she offered, and he smiled. "Tha's a good ideah, lass," he told her. "Ah'm leavin' Shadow heah as well, ye can look aftah 'im too."

They sat in companionable silence for awhile after that. Shaurria finally broke the silence. "Where are ya going this time, Arvoss?" He didn't answer at first, then quietly he said, "Ah'm 'eadin' ta th' Plaguelands, kitten. Ah'm goin' back 'ome, ta Lordaeron."

In the interest of Character Development, I'm going to run Arvoss through the Darrowshire chain as well. This will give me something to do, since it looks like Kaled & Khaotic's tale will have to wait til the server resets (aka, Darrowshire on Durotan is still overrun with battling undead). What I have in my head so far is shaping up to be a Massive Wall O' Text, so I'll probably write it all out, then post it in increments once it's ready.

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