Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pitch: A Favor for Shaurria

Not many people know that Pitch was very good friends with most of the furbolg tribes in Ashenvale and the surrounding areas. The Timbermaw and the Greenpaw (Foulweald) tribes were among his closest friends. After the Third War, he had to watch his friends and allies slowly fall to corruption. This is part of his character and the reason why he loathes demons so much.

Naturally he was overjoyed when he discovered that the Timbermaw had escaped the corruption, and his friendship with them quickly resumed. Now he and Alanon are turning to them to help Shaurria out.

I've spent most of today making Plans, and this is the start of them. Poor Shaur has been a bit neglected lately, and I want to give her some attention. This will be ongoing over the next few weeks so long as my muse is running strong and writer's block leaves me alone.



"I need a favor," Pitch said quietly. "From you and your tribe."

The furbolg across from him blinked in surprise. "You've been our friend for many, many years now," he replied to the druid. "Ask."

Pitch eyed the dark-furred humanoid, then his white companion sitting to the side, before continuing. "I have a friend," he told them. "Almost another sister, really. But she's terrified of furbolgs." He paused as the two exchanged a look. "She's from Starbreeze," he added, and a look of understanding and regret crossed both of their bear-like faces. The white one, Salfa, spoke up. "How can we help?"

Pitch closed his eyes for a moment, trying to remember all of Alanon's words. "Her parents were killed in the attack, and she is still traumatized from it. A significant part of her trauma is this fear, and if she can just get past the fear, she might be able to start coping with the rest." He looked at both of them. "My brother and I think she should meet your tribe. If she can see that not all furbolgs are bad...." "Then she may start recovering," finished dark-furred Ralga.

Salfa cut in. "How bad is this fear?" Pitch sighed. "Arvoss- her first caregiver- says that he took her near the Deadwood tribe and she almost went catatonic," he said reluctantly. They both nodded. "Outside the tunnels then," stated the white. "She will feel less trapped, and will see fewer of us." The druid nodded agreement. "When?" asked Ralga. Pitch thought for a bit. "It will probably be at least a couple days, maybe in a week, possibly two though we don't really want to wait that long," he told them. "Alanon doesn't want to spring this on Shaur; he wants her to know what we're doing, and be prepared."

Salfa sat in thought for several minutes. "If she's seen the Deadwood, then perhaps we should not meet in Felwood," he finally said. "It might cause bad memories. Winterspring is an option, or perhaps the Moonglade; we can reach either without going far from our tunnels."

"Moonglade," Pitch responded instantly. "She's comfortable there, and she has a friend there that will help keep her calm." Both furbolgs nodded agreeably, then Salfa continued. "How many of our people should we bring?"

"Alanon and I have already spoken about it, and we agree that she should only see two or three of you. Not so many as to be a threat, but enough to show that it isn't just an individual or two that escaped corruption. She needs to know that the full tribe is friendly." Then he looked at Ralga again. "I'd like for you to be one of them."

A grin formed on the furbolg's muzzle; as one of Pitch's oldest friends, and a shaman to boot, he knew why the druid wanted him there. "Perhaps Nurak will come as well, a historian could be useful," he said, and Pitch nodded again. "I think that covers everything so far," he said as he stood. "If anything else comes up I'll let you know, or feel free to contact me or my brother." The two furbolgs nodded as he clasped the hand of each, then the druid left the tunnels, heading for home.

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