Sunday, September 12, 2010

Facing Fears

A casual observer would see nothing out of the ordinary about the trio of druid-cats clustering together in the Park. From her perch on the edge of the moonwell, however, Lark could see the tension in the smallest cat as the two on either side of her spoke quietly. Lark stayed put, keeping out of it until she might be needed.

* * *

Shaurria looked utterly miserable. Pitch felt sorry for her, but Alanon insisted that this was important, so he went along with it. His brother was silent, having already said his piece, and simply sat next to her, providing reassurance and the occasional ear-washing.

"They've been my friends for, well, centuries, Shaur," Pitch told her. "They're perfectly safe, I swear it. Tailfeathers, you already met one of them, didn't you? At a distance at least." Shaur still wouldn't look at him, but she did give a small nod. "And we'll be right there with you," he went on. "Nothing bad will happen with the two of us guarding you, right?" A slight shudder running through her entire body was her only response. Pitch looked back up to his brother, seeing his own concern mirrored in the elder druid's eyes, but Alanon only nodded, encouraging him on. Pitch suppressed a sigh. He was beginning to dislike this almost as much as Shaur.

He cajoled her for the next several minutes, and while at first she remained huddled on the ground with her eyes squeezed shut, at last Pitch noticed that she seemed to be relaxing. Alanon stretched out next to her, and when Pitch finally ran out of things to say, the older druid gently nuzzled her cheek. "Shaur," he said, quietly. "Have I even once asked you to do something you weren't capable of?" She finally opened her eyes to look at him, then shook her head. "Do you trust me?" he asked her, and she frowned a bit, then nodded. "I know you are frightened, but please trust me again. Will you do it?"

Shaurria looked away, then shuddered again. Then she abruptly unshifted, slipping both arms around Alanon's neck and burying her face in his scruff. Her muffled voice was just able to be heard. "All right."


Hoping the next part won't be so delayed. Sorry!

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