Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Arvoss and Alanon

I wanted to actually write this up (cause I bet it'd be better that way), but I hate procrastinating and delaying, and it's already late. So, chatlog. :P

Last night at the Pig.

Alanón says: Good Evening, Arvoss.

Arvoss grunts. "Elf."

Arvoss says: Shaur's tol' me wha' ye were wantin' t' do.

Alanón says: Good, I hoped she would.

Arvoss says: Didnae say why ye wanted t' do it, though.

Alanón says: She is afraid of the furbolgs because she connects them with the deaths of her parents. It's like... being afraid of the dark, or the boogeyman, or the like.

Alanón says: If we can show her there's nothing really to fear from furbolgs, I'm hoping her fear of them will fade, and then perhaps the rest of her fears as well.

Arvoss grunts again. "S'pose 't makes sense a'righ'."

Arvoss gives a slight chuckle.

Arvoss says: Ye thinkin' o' makin' 'er more normal, eh?

Alanón says: I don't want to change who she is, that's not my intention.

Alanón says: .... but yes, in a way I hope she becomes more... "normal".

Arvoss says: Sae when'r ye goin'?

Alanón says: Tomorrow. We've already waited longer than I intended, and I'd rather not put it off any longer.

Arvoss says: Aye.

Arvoss says: Sae Ah s'pose she'll be stayin' wi' ye t'nigh'.

Alanón says: Yes.

Alanón says: ... Arvoss.

Arvoss says: Mm?

Alanón says: I'm sorry.

Arvoss sighs.

Arvoss says: S'naugh' t' be sorry abou'. Ah can undahstand.

Arvoss says: Yer one 'o 'er own. S'natural she'd wan' t' latch oan t' ye.

Alanón says: Yes, about that. And about tomorrow.

Alanón says: You know why we haven't asked you to come with us?

Arvoss says: Aye.

Arvoss gives a crooked, and slightly sad, grin.

Arvoss says: S'cause Ah'm an Ebon. They migh' nae think Ah'd really 'urt 'em, bu' they'd nae be easy wi' me there.

Alanón nods, looking a bit sad himself.

Arvoss chuckles.

Arvoss says: Tha' an' th' fact Ah migh' try t' protect 'er once she gets a frigh'.

Alanón chuckles too.

Arvoss says: S'a'righ', elf. Ah wouldnae pick fer annehthin' like this t' 'appen, bu' yer nae a bad choice fer 'er either.

Alanón starts to answer but stops, and nods instead.

Arvoss says: Where's she at naow?

Alanón says: With Lark and my brother.

Alanón says: They're both handy at making people forget things they'd rather not think of.

Alanón grins.

Arvoss grins back.

Arvoss says: Ah'm sure o' tha'.

Alanón says: I'm sure she'll want to see you when we get back here. And I won't keep her if she does.

Arvoss nods. "An' Ah'll be waitin' 'ere fer 'er."

Alanón says: I should be getting back to them.

Arvoss nods again. "Ah'll see ye around, elf."

Alanón says: Good night, Arvoss.

The final part I'm afraid might be a little delayed, since I want to get it right. It'll be up here soon as it's finished, though.

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