Saturday, September 18, 2010

Art Catchup

... which happens to mainly feature Alanon. Go figure.

The staff for this one was actually the most fun part of it. I thought it would be a pain, and it was (especially when you color it on the wrong layer and have to do it over >.<), but still fun. And I like how it turned out. The cat is Pitch, of course. I realized when I finished it that this is the first time I've actually colored a Pitch-pic. He's pretty handsome, don't ya think?
Shaurria and Alanon have been bonding when I wasn't looking. I'll have to do a write-up of some of the stuff they've been doing together. Suffice to say that for now, I think Shaur is pretty happy to have a dad. Even if he isn't her "real" dad.

And yes I will be coloring this. I'm almost done inking it already.

I have a couple more in the works, but one or two are kinda NSFW, so don't know if I'll put them up here. Also (shameless plug incoming) there's always my deviantArt page, for anything that I forget/don't wanna post here.

P.S.- And stealth edit to show off the colored version! >.>

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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