Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Work and holidays were getting me stuck in the old "too tired to do anything" rut again, but the last couple days have been blissfully quieter. So, blog post!

Laoden is up to 47. Leveling has been CRAZY. Having full heirlooms helps, I'm sure - though I do kinda wish they weren't all leather. Oh well.

Pitch has been running Lao and sis's monk Sunre through dungeons for the most part, though I've taken several breaks for questing. The only problem I've been having is that I'm playing him so much, he never has a chance to really save up rested XP.   >.>

I've still been picking at my pet collection, though there just aren't many pets left that I'm actually able to find. I did finally get a scourged whelpling - now if only the minfernals would come out of hiding. And, you know, Tanaris would have an actual sandstorm. And it'd be nice if it would actually snow in Storm Peaks....

I did manage to snag this baby from the Auction House, though I probably spent more than I should've. But he's cute, and I think it was worth it.

Nightsaber cub! Rawr!

I've started leveling him already, he's up to 14! Pitch isn't quite broke after buying him, but he does need to start saving up again. Any other new pets I get will have to be with another character.  XD

Aside from Laoden, I haven't done much leveling. Been itching to play Lark again, though, so that will probably change. I've hopped on Rheugan to do a few quests here and there, but that hasn't done much to his XP bar, either. Horde-side has me torn - I'm not sure whether to keep leveling Taurros first, or work on Booggah mainly since he can make stuff for Taurros once he levels his leatherworking. Ugh, decisions...

Arnen picked up a new buddy. Laoden found this guy while questing in Desolace, and he sat and watched him while Arnen made his way down there. I like him more than I thought I would - basilisks are very croc-like with their noises and animations, and I like crocs, so it works.

I'm starting to want to write something, so if I can find inspiration there will likely be an RP post soonish. Also still working on art stuff, I'm just taking my time with things instead of rushing to get it done. Which is actually nice; maybe part of the reason for my huge slump was simply trying to rush things. Who knows?

Patch 5.1 is supposedly dropping tomorrow, so I'm sure that'll be fun. There will be tons of new rarespawn pets, so my various hunters will be busy deciding which pets they want and then tracking them down. I am really happy that Arnen will be able to get his black mastiff sooner than 72, though he still needs a bit of leveling first.

Can't think of anything else, and I need sleep. XD  Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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