Saturday, November 17, 2012

Catching Up!

Oh geez, where to start...

Rheugan is 86 and a half and still going. His herbalism is nearing max, though his skinning has a little farther to go, considering the worgen racial bonus. He's been a lot of fun, too- both because he seems to be killing stuff as fast as/better than Pitch did at the same level, and because he's FINALLY starting to sort stuff out in his head, which is making him a more "comfortable" character to play. Not necessarily easier, but more comfortable.

Speaking of Pitch, he's now cleared Moshu'gan Vaults and the first half of Heart of Fear in LFR, and gotten a number of drops already from both. I'm honestly surprised he's had this much luck in there, although I'm expecting Rheu to have his usual luck (i.e., none >.>) once I get him to that point.


He's gotten exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent and the Tillers, though the latter was almost by accident. I hadn't even been keeping track of his Tiller rep, just did whatever dailies I felt like doing, and tried to make friends with as many NPCs as I could. (He's best friends with Jogu the Drunk, because Jogu is win. XD) He's also gotten revered with Golden Lotus, and has been trying to do his August Celestials and Shado-pan dailies faithfully.

I've avoided the daily burnout so far by only doing the dailes I want to do, when I feel like doing them. If I go a day or 2 (or 3!) without doing any, I'm not gonna stress over it. It's been working quite well so far.. although I'm not planning on doing ANY dailies with my next toon to cap until they put in the 5.1 changes.

There's also been pet battles.

I've now caught every capturable pet except the Arctic Fox Kit, Minfernal, Silithid Hatchling and the Scourged Whelpling. Note that those are all rare-spawn pets in zones that are now cross-realm, and I'm sure you can guess why I don't have them yet. I'm starting to think that besides competing against people from who-knows-how-many other servers, Blizzard screwed up battle-pet spawns as well, cause I've never seen any trace of those pets, and I've sat through 2 Tanaris sandstorms.

But anyway, I did manage to snag the shiny achievement. The pet it gives you looks... interesting?

I named it Flytrap. >.>

Now I'm just going to be leveling things and look to upgrade some of my pets- I wound up catching a lot of grey/white quality pets just to fill out my journal. I've gotten 8 so far to 25, and still have a lot to go!

My shammy Laoden is coming along nicely. Here he is, along with Zhei Ping the yak. :D

He's up to 28 already, and I want to get him to Pandaria ASAP. I blame the last Rheu-story I wrote. I'm going enhancement with him, since that's the spec I know, and he's been a blast so far.

Lark is up to 87 now, and Booggah and Taurros are both 86. Only one new pet so far, but I think he's definitely worth mentioning.

I still need to think of a name, it's being difficult. Boo loves him to pieces. Also, I am now 2/2 with Pandaria rares, as far as finding them when I start looking for them. Boo's tracking was a good bit more interesting than Lark's tracking Savage, since Patrannache's tracks are much harder to see, and his path is a lot longer. I lost the trail a few times, and was waylaid by mobs more times than I could count. But he got him!

And finally, I got inspired to start artsing again. This was kind of "mood art," which generally helps me feel better when I'm not feeling that great. Rheugan, because he's becoming my "therapy cat". This was also one of the quickest pictures I've ever done - sketch took about 15 minutes, and the inking/coloring/finishing touches took maybe a little over an hour.

That's all I can think of for now, anything else I remember is gonna have to wait for the next post. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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