Monday, December 10, 2012

And Then the World Was Right Again...

Some of the new tameable beasts introduced in 5.1 inspired me to reroll Toorambar...AGAIN... on Wyrmrest Accord. I played him with my babydruid Ranuuk to level 10 (and will probably wind up Rping them together a lot XD), then Tooram went out to find some new buddies.

Toorambar and Ranuuk with Jiminy the tallstrider.

First one I wanted was Nighthowl the ghostly worg. Ranuuk tagged along with Tooram up to his spawn point, and as luck would have it, he was up!

Next up was Plague, the ghostly blue demon dog. He was in the barn where he spawns, but dead, so I wound up logging them there for the night. Next morning I went to check, and he was there waiting.

I'm not totally sure if Toorambar will keep him, but for now I can squee about how tiny he is. XD

The new guys were fun, but Tooram was definitely missing something. Ranuuk headed off back to Thunder Bluff, while Tooram went out to the Barrens.He still needed a few levels, but with a few heirlooms mailed over, he got those quickly. Then it was off to the south to look for the Kolkar packrunners.

There were 2 right next to each other when I got there, but one decided to start running all over the place and I didn't feel like chasing. The other packrunner was just standing there, and as Toorambar watched the packhound sitting there scratching at fleas, I started getting a feeling...

The packrunner went down like nothing, then I had Tooram release the temp cat he'd grabbed and start taming the packhound. Once he was tamed, there was an immediate feeling of "right", and I had no doubts that this was his Ahanu.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Toorambar isn't the only one that's been getting attention. Lark and Rheugan have each gotten another level, and I'm still on Pitch a lot, just doing random things. I'm up to 430 mini-pets, too. O_o

Laoden is up to 52, though I've slowed down on him now. My plan right now is to get him to 55, then have Pitch run him and sis's monk Sunre through Blackrock Depths and avoid the dungeon-finder drama.

Lark's picked up a couple more buddies, too. This guy took awhile to name, but I finally settled on Ezro, and he's becoming one of my favorites.

This guy was a hoot when she first tamed him. Seems these mobs are bugged when first tamed, and they insist on sitting when not in motion. Sad thing is that it stops once you log, zone out anywhere, or dismiss him for any reason. But it was fun while it lasted.


Naturally Fraps wasn't working for this. /grr

He's cute normal, too.
I think that was about it. Sis and I have mostly been doing old-school raids for the pets that drop there. I am 1 pet away from my Mr. Bigglesworth (if darn Chromaggus would just drop his pup *grumble*), and sis has a couple more for hers. Pitch and Kel tearing apart Naxx is a barrel of fun, seriously. I'll put up screenies of some of the new pets, but that'll wait til another post, I think.

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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