Saturday, July 28, 2012

Catching up- Pre-MoP Version

Release date YAY's! Mists of Pandaria will be fo'realz on September 25th, if you haven't heard already! So today is a Mists-prep post.

I've had one goal (among many, yes) that I wanted to reach before Mists hit.... to finish leveling Davoss the pally and get him geared up somewhat. I still don't know how far the gearing-up process will get, but I did finally take care of the first part of that!

He had some valor gear already that Lark had bought for him, so that plus some crafted stuff has his ilvl already up to the troll instances, and he's closing in on the Time-roics. I honestly don't know if I'll do much more beyond that, as his gear is a hodge-podge of tanking and DPS stuff, plus the crafted PVP pieces, but I won't have long to worry about it anyway. So, hurray for another goal getting done!

I do still have pet-hunting to do, though I'm debating having Lark buy the Molten Front ones and learn them, since she already has them unlocked and they will be account-wide in Mists anyway. I have been mostly remembering to check for Pebble dailies, and he almost has his little rock buddy, plus the bonus mini-jouster. Also, theoretically I could farm up Argent Tourney pets on Booggah and Taurros, and not have to worry about getting them to Pitch. Hmm, decisions...

Speaking of Hordies, I think next leveling project will be Taurros, even if I have to teach him archaeology and dig/herb his way there. I am NOT going to worry about gearing him, since I doubt I'll have time left to do anything, but I would like to have the old boy ready to head to Pandaria with the rest.

Roebar is one that I'm not worried about leveling. Not that I plan to neglect him, it's just that he's pretty much just an RP character, so what level he is doesn't matter so much. He'll get there someday, but no rush.

Lark is done with raiding now, I let my fellow raiders know last week. It's been fun, and I'm glad I got to see all the current raid content while it was still, well, current, but work and stuff has been beating my tail so much that I've been too tired to concentrate on what I'm doing, so I finally called it quits. The group will be starting up again in Mists, but due to a planned time change, it's not very likely I'll be able to rejoin them. Which doesn't bother me so much; really, if I'm going to be raiding in Mists I'd rather be with the Riders.

Lark's stable needs a couple tweaks before I'll be ready for the new pets I want to tame, and I haven't even started on Booggah's. That's going to be difficult- he has a lot more pets that he's attached to, while Lark had a number that she just didn't click with. I also really need to level Arnen, my human hunter, so he can "inherit" some of Lark's older pets that I may be releasing (such as Pahk the glowbear and her lynx Mischa). Fortunately for me, Arnen, Kaledain, and Khaotic all still have plenty of stable space!

There's a few more odds and ends I want to wrap up, like Alanon's Guardian of Cenarius title and a couple transmog sets. None of those will really bug me if they don't get done, but I'd still like to try.

RP is picking back up again. Roebar and Rheugan are doing a little side venture of their own, which we're going to try and get more people in on. Meanwhile, other people are making Plans that will help get others involved. And it looks like we're going to start a second RP night each week, too!

*   *   *   *   *   *

I've been on the beta quite a bit this week, mostly for the recently re-added pet battles! If you still wanted to be spoiler-free, I wouldn't advise reading past here. XD

I've been doing all my pet venturing with Pitch, since 1) speedy-birdy, 2) he is my pet-collector, and 3) I'm not that interested in leveling him, since I'll have to do it all over again when Mists is live. I've seen some of the questing and stuff on Lark and my others, so it'd be repetitive anyway.

When I copied him to the beta, he didn't have all the pets he has now on live, plus there's a few he seems to be missing as well. I've been busy fighting and taming stuff like a fiend over the last couple days, so he's just re-gotten Stinker and is closing in on the next achievement. I really like being able to name them all myself, and the battles themselves are addicting. I'm already picking which ones are my favorites, and Pitch will be getting them for real ASAP.

My only worry about pet-collecting is finding pets of the same quality as the ones he has on beta. He's picked up a number of "rare" blue-quality (yes, just like the gear) pets, and I'm hoping he can find some again, because I absolutely love some of them. The battle system and pet system are very Pokemon-like, if anyone's wondering, except you are using traps instead of Poke-balls to catch them. And there are also some actual rare pets, that are either only up during certain conditions (like rainy weather, sunshine, etc.) or they just have really long respawn times, like this little guy.

I still need to level up his pets, right now his highest is his core hound pup at level 8, and I'm finding wild pets that are 10+. I don't want to burn myself out on this, though, so I'm not sure how much more effort I'm really going to put into it.

They updated the stag travel form as well, which I love. This is so much better than the plain stag model they started with, don't you think?

And I think that's all I can think of for now. Off to go catch up on my sleep, til next time Happy Hunting!

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