Sunday, July 22, 2012


Not much going on, just felt like checking in. Things are quiet after Feathermeet, as people have new jobs starting or are wrapping up vacations. The Gilneas storyline is puttering along, though with Kyraine's player being one of those on vacation, there's not a whole lot we can do.

Meanwhile, I am mostly dinking around on alts. Roebar's nearly at 66, and I've been playing with a few of my non-Feathermoon alts. Lathenil is 20 and has his mount, and Rajast the troll shaman has been moved to Wyrmrest Accord (again, sigh), where he promptly dinged as well.

Mostly, I am just tired right now. My job scheduled me for 6 days straight once we got back from Feathermeet, all early morning shifts. Since our flight back was a bit messed up and we didn't get home until 5 hours after we were supposed to, I didn't really get the recovery time I was hoping for, plus being slightly jet-lagged. And I miss people- this was the first time in ages that sis and I have been able to be around people we like, with similar interests and all, and just hang out and relax. I really wasn't ready to come home when we did.

But enough moping. Besides playing and working, I've also been catching up on my music, and I'm reminded why these guys are still one of my favorites, if not the favorite. For an example, have a track off their next-to-last album:

I've also been reading quite a bit, and sleeping of course, so that just about accounts for all my time currently. Rheugan is still poking around inside my head, and I think I may get some writing done eventually. Oh, and I actually finished another picture!

Rheugan- as a human! *gasp*- with Shaurria of course. I still need to work on drawing people, but considering this is the first one I've done without a reference in ages, I think it could be a lot worse. And at least it gives people an idea of what he looks like, since I don't consider him to look much like the in-game character at all.

I still have a ton of sketches and half-done pictures I need to work on, but I'll get to those eventually.

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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