Saturday, January 7, 2012

Plans for the Future

I've suddenly gotten an itch to write about these 2, probably thanks to a comment I got awhile back asking if there would be any more stories of them. Plus, I've been all but ignoring them for so long, it's about time they got caught up to current time. Enjoy!

The private room at the Wayfarer's Rest was quiet except for the rustle and tear of wrapping paper. Kaled and Khaotic reclined on the bed and couch, respectively, and watched Kalenora unwrap her Winter Veil presents with nearly identical expressions of contentment.

Khaotic was just starting to doze when Kaled's quiet voice startled her awake again. "What would you think about hitting the road again, like we used to?" She lifted her head to blink at her husband in surprise, then her expression turned thoughtful.

"I've thought about it," she admitted. "But it didn't quite feel right, not while Kale was still so small." Kaled nodded. "But she's bigger now," he pointed out. "I think she's old enough now that she could get some good out of it. But what do you think?"

Khaotic eyed him curiously, then gave a small smile. "Are you really that anxious to be doing something?" she asked him. He shrugged, blushing just a bit. "It's.. it's not really that... or rather not just that," he answered, then gestured to his daughter. "I want her to, well, see things. I don't want her to grow up here all her life, in all this..." He waved his hand around vaguely. "I want her to get out and see different places and people, so she doesn't become like all the rest of our people."

Khaotic couldn't quite hold back her mischievous grin. "You mean snobbish?" His blush returned more fiercely, and she chuckled. "I know what you mean, dear heart, and I do agree with you. She does need to broaden her horizons a bit, but I don't think traveling during winter would be the best thing- for any of us." Kaled shrugged again, then nodded. "Probably not," he agreed, then paused.

As her parents spoke, Kalenora had unwrapped her last present. Now, the 2-year-old picked up her new favorite toy, a small rag doll, and carried it over to Ashke, where she offered the doll for inspection. The red lynx lifted his head to sniff at it with distant interest, then plopped his head back down to resume his nap. Satisfied, the little elfling went over to her father and reached up with her free hand. "Da?" Kaled smiled as he lifted her up, and she settled in his lap, sticking a finger in her mouth as she hugged her doll.

Kaled grinned as he gave her a gentle squeeze. "Winter wouldn't be the best, but we could head out once spring sets in," he continued, looking up at his wife. Khaotic was watching them both with a touch of affection. "Where would you want to go?" she asked him. His expression turned wistful. "Anywhere, really. We could head back to Outland if we wanted, or maybe Northrend- it should be safe enough with the Lich King dead. Or there's Hyjal, or Uldum..."

Laughing, Khaotic cut him off before he could go on. "All right, Kaled, I get the point. Look, we have at least three months before the weather turns warm again; why don't we take our time deciding where we want to go first?"

Kaled agreed, and for most of the rest of the morning they sat and talked over their options. Kale - slowly falling asleep in her father's lap - had no idea what they were talking about, of course, but it was enough that they sounded happy.


So yea, Kaled and Khaotic have been enjoying family life. I have no idea why they would have moved... maybe the Reliquary made them an offer they couldn't refuse? (And drat Blizzard for moving NPCs into the homes of nearly all my characters. /grump) They are living in the Wayfarer's Rest now, where hopefully the RP-griefers will still leave them in peace.

I have 2 toons leveling in Northrend already- Rajast is coasting along at 74 already, and I got Davoss from 67 to 71 just in one day. O.o Pally tanking is still ridiculously fun, btw. I'd like to get them both out of Northrend before I start leveling Kaled and Khaotic, but that shouldn't take too long. I figure once it's actually spring, then wherever they set out will depend on what level I have them at by that point. (Hopefully that made sense....) And I will definitely be keeping a sharp eye out for Loque while they're in Northrend!

RP on Alliance has been a bit scattered because of crazy RL schedules, but there is still Stuff Happening. Lark's raid is still going- we've gotten the first 4 bosses down, but Ultraxion is still eating us for lunch; I will be so flipping happy when we finally kill him. And I've been tinkering a bunch on my other-server alts, with tentative plans on getting Andrano and Carienne to 30, and the rest of my lowbies to at least 20. No time frame for that planned, but it'll get done eventually.

I think that's about it for my rambling, and I need sleep now. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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