Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh, Pitch....

One of those times that you just want to stop your character and tell them he/she is being stupid, before they put their foot in their mouth. This is a good example of why I love RPing him so much.

If it isn't obvious, they were discussing Lark. >.>

Shad says: How is she doing?

Pitchblàck shrugs, then grins.

Pitchblàck says: Well enough. She decided that today was bath day

Pitchblàck says: I would have helped but she had Quae and Barraccus, so I was in the way

Pitchblàck says: The only one that needs held is Quiloe, anyway, and she's small

Jahira chuckles.

Rheugan snickers.

Windstar blinks, then goes 'oh'.

Pitchblàck blinks at Windstar. "What?"

Threnn grins at Star and Pitch.

Pitchblàck says: What did you think I meant?

Windstar shrugs.

Threnn says: Likely the same thing I did.

Shad says: And I.

Pitchblàck blinks at Threnn.

Pitchblàck says: ... oh. Hmm

Windstar kitty-grins at Threnn.

Jahira chuckles again, ruffling Star's ears.

Pitchblàck says: She was giving the animals their baths. My sister and her mate were helping

Windstar purrs.

Pitchblàck says: Better?

Threnn says: Suppose.

Windstar says: Yes, much

Shad says: I was going to start talking about how good temperate baths can be for a pregnant woman, so yes, the clarification is a help.

Zeve says: M'plannin' a trip to the Hot Springs now, though, so.

Zeve nods at you.

Zeve says: Thanks, mate.

Shad grins wickedly at Zeve.

Windstar blinks at Zeve.

Rheugan covers his face with his hand, making suspicious snickering noises.

At least he didn't mention that if she was the one taking the bath, he'd more than likely be in it with her... I mean, uh *cough*

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