Monday, January 30, 2012

Art Dump!

I been busy. Enjoy!

I made a(nother) worgen druid on the Arthas server so I could play with my brother (that's become his "main" server). Roebar is already level 20 after around 7-8 hours /played. Getting him into a level 25 guild right away helped a ton.

I am RP'ing him in my head when I play him, and his personality is.... actually, a lot like I imagine Rheugan's would be if he were more.. balanced, I guess? "Roebear" is a ton of fun to play so far. He is bear specced, and I'm debating going kitty with him when he gets his dual-spec, or trying out boomkin. And obviously, he is already inspiring some art!

I may wind up drawing him as much as Rheugan, if this keeps up. I'm slightly concerned about the whole PVP server thing, but I figure this will let him get out all his aggression against the Horde (specifically the Forsaken) easier. *evil grin*

Speaking of Rheugan...

I found a picture of a wolf in a random Google image search, and decided to try drawing Rheugan using that as a ref. Had to make some modifications, of course, but I think it worked out well, don't you?

Lark gets all the blame for this one- seriously, it was her idea! And Pitch is enough of a ham that he just went along with it. Nothing important is showing (/smacks Lark), but uh, probably still NSFW.

This last one is currently my favorite, for probably obvious reasons. It's still too early for Valentine's Day, but who cares? Also, they make me happy.

I do hair with the burn/dodge tools, and this picture turned out so HUGE that it just about killed my wrist/elbow to get Lark's done. Still, it was worth it.

Been doing a lot of leveling alts in WoW and LotRO. Davoss is almost 74 now and still merrily tanking things in the face; I haven't even touched his ret spec since he left Outlands, except to use up his talent points. Prot is too much fun. Arnen is getting attention too, he is 32 and currently has ALL THE HEIRLOOMS, so leveling him won't take long. :D

Alanon-druid is 83 and closing in on the end, plus Rillian is geared enough for the raid finder. His first run he walked out with 2 tier13 tokens, plus a pretty axe I'm keeping for future transmogging. And I am tentatively making plans for getting Quae and Barraccus up as well (though Dav might still beat them to 85 >.>).

In LotRO I am usually logging in on someone just long enough to get 1 level, then switching toons. XD Hey, it still works, right? I do want to get Basten up to 40, then after that I will probably try to get Ilfariel up to match him. After that, it will depend on what I feel like doing.

I think that about sums everything up. I have a lot of stuff going on outside of gaming, so I may have to beat myself into posting stuff on my "non-WoW" blog, just to get it out of my head. The Riders are finally getting ready to move on in our big story arc, so the next few days will probably be crazy-busy.

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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