Monday, December 5, 2011


Shaurria watched the shaggy black cat pace through the grass around her with a tolerant expression. For his part, the cat seemed to be ignoring her, though his ears- the whole right ear and the tattered nub of the left- gave him away as they twitched in her direction every so often. She hid her amusement behind an exasperated sigh.

"Rheuuuugan," she called to him, although she knew he wouldn't answer to that name, not now at least. His only response was a low growl. Shaurria giggled quietly to herself as he glanced at her, then turned to a nearby tree and began sharpening his claws on it. Finished with that, he finally turned to look at her.

Shaur said nothing this time, only raising her hand and holding it out to him- a request only, not an order. His ear twitched again and he grumbled low in his throat, but his eyes remained on her. After a long interval, in which she waited patiently, unmoving, he finally dropped his eyes and took a step toward her.

She fought back her grin as he sauntered toward her, pausing to sniff a patch of grass here or swat at an imaginary bug there. With a slow deliberateness that said more clearly than words he was only doing it because he wanted to, he made his way over to the outstretched hand. He stopped again to sniff at it distantly, his suspicious eyes watching her for any trick. She held motionless even now, and once his suspicions were satisfied, he finally took the last step and nudged his nose into her hand. Shaurria smiled to herself as she ran her hand over the short fur of his head, to pet around his ears.

"Good kitty." The cat chuffed at her.

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