Saturday, December 10, 2011

Catching Up

I have no idea what is with the spam comments I've been getting, but wow. Seriously, guys, go find someone else to pester.

I have been extra busy with 4.3 since it came out. Pitch, Lark, and Rill have all been getting runs through the new 5-mans, and I'm planning on starting Turron through them as well (if he has the ilvl, can't remember right now). Lark's raid has spent 2 weeks in Dragon Soul, and we have the first 3 bosses down! Unfortunately, everyone so far has forgotten to get kill screenshots, but I'll get some and stick them up here eventually.

RP has slowed down somewhat, though the Riders "big" storyline is still going on. Everyone's been so busy with the new stuff, however, that I don't mind so much.

Rheugan has been keeping himself busy. I've been on him whenever I haven't been on the afore-mentioned 3, and he's been questing and archaeology-ing his way along. Which brought this result.

I now have 7 max-level characters. My sister still beats me, though. >_>

I'm now taking him through the gearing-up process, although I'm not sure what I'll wind up doing with him. Right now, I just want his ilvl up enough that he can run any dungeons I want to. I've started having tentative thoughts on maybe making him my raiding main in the next expansion, but that is a definite "wait and see."

I think that is pretty much all that's been going on. Holidays are crazy, and general work stuff is not helping, so no idea how frequent blog posts will be until after it's over. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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