Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pitch: Rheugan

I mentioned that my worgen druid Rheugan was going to get into some RP soon, mostly with Pitch. A few nights ago (last week I think?) I finally got the ball rolling.

Also, my sister's druid Jahira? Is awesome. Just saying.

Jahira purrs at Pitchblàck.

Pitchblàck says: Hello! It's a nice tree, isn't it?

Alanón says: It is

Alanón says: Pitch, I have something to tell you

Jahira looks.

Pitchblàck says: ... and you don't think I'll like it, otherwise you wouldn't have brought my sister

Jahira blinks at Pitchblàck.

Pitchblàck eyes Jahira.

Jahira says: And why would you think that?

Alanón looks a tad uncomfortable.

Pitchblàck says: Because that's what he always does

Jahira says: Maybe I just wanted to come see the place my brother spends so much time?

Pitchblàck turns to eye Alanon.

Alanón says: I did ask her to come, yes

Pitchblàck says: See? So spill it

Alanón sighs at Pitch.

Windstar pricks her ears at the voices, blinking sleepily.

Alanón says: I was called back to Darnassus recently, for a meeting of the Circle

Pitchblàck blinks at Alanón.

Jahira starts spine-scritching.

Pitchblàck says: I thought they were pretending you don't exist?

Pitchblàck stretches a bit and starts purring.

Alanón says: They were, which is why I went. I wanted to see what they were up to

Pitchblàck nods.

Alanón says: You know of the worgen that we've recently welcomed into the Circle?

Pitchblàck says: Yes

Pitchblàck looks curious.

Alanón says: They.... have a special case on their hands

Alanón is beginning to look -very- uncomfortable.

Pitchblàck eyes Alanón suspiciously.

Pitchblàck says: .....and?

Autûmn glances at the druids on the railing.

Alanón says: Pitch....They have a feral worgen

Pitchblàck scowls, but listens.

Alanón says: He, ahh...

Alanón glances around the room. "He attacked one of the companion sabers and killed it."

Jahira winces slightly.

Alanón says: From what I understand, it was a dispute over dominance. When the guards interceded he turned on them. One of them was hurt badly. They don't know what to do-

Pitchblàck interrupts. "No."

Pitchblàck says: I won't do it. Not again

Alanón says: Pitch...

Pitchblàck says: NO!

Jahira says: Pitch...

Pitchblàck says: I TOLD you! Never again!

Jahira says: Please

Alanón says: Pitch listen to me!

Jahira says: Let him finish

Pitchblàck glares angrily at Alanón.

Alanón says: They don't want you to kill him

Pitchblàck blinks at Alanón.

Windstar raises her head, looking slightly alarmed.

Pitchblàck says: They.... don't?

Alanón says: They want to see if you can help him. I told a few of them your story, years ago

Pitchblàck blinks again.

Alanón says: They think his case is similar. They want you to try mentoring him

Pitchblàck looks like he's forgotten to breathe. "And if... I can't help?"

Alanón says: Then they will.... deal.. with him. You need not be involved with it

Jahira puts a reassuring hand on Pitch's shoulder.

Alanón says: But they would like to try to save him first

Pitchblàck says: I... What do they want me to do?

Alanón says: He's being held in Darnassus. Not in a cage.

Pitchblàck starts to glare but stops. "Mkay."

Alanón says: He is held in a room in an inn. Still a prison, but he's being treated as a person

Windstar peeks out from her 'den'.

Alanón says: It would probably be best if you met with him as soon as possible

Pitchblàck says: Mkay. I'll try to get over there in a day or two

Jahira smiles, looking relieved.

Alanón says: Thank you, Pitch

Alanón looks immensely relieved.

Pitchblàck eyes Alanón.

Pitchblàck says: Do you know anything else about him?

Alanón says: His name is Rheugan

Jahira starts spine-scratching again.

Alanón says: He is in his early twenties, so comparably about your age

Pitchblàck nods.

Alanón says: He apparently ran wild for a time before he became a druid .... as a wolf

Pitchblàck pricks his ears.

Pitchblàck says: So he was a worgen first

Alanón nods.

Alanón says: You can ask him about it when you meet him

Windstar is shamelessly eavesdropping.

Pitchblàck says: Mkay

Alanón says: I have to go, but I think I saw Lark heading this way

Pitchblàck brightens.

Pitchblàck says: Mkay. See you later, big brother

Alanón ruffles Pitchblàck's fur.

Alanón says: Good evening, little brother

Jahira says: Goodnight Alanon

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