Thursday, December 9, 2010

Davoss: Lost

This one was delayed a bit by AAAAHHHCATACLYSM!! and worgen and new zones and.... well, you get the idea. But here it is finally!


By the middle of the next day, Davoss knew he was in trouble. The infection had returned with a vengeance, and he felt sick and feverish. To top it off, he realized he had followed the river too far and missed the path to Chillwind. He stood on the riverbank, weaving slightly on his feet, and tried to think of what to do through his muddled brain.

The wound in his stomach still oozed, the makeshift bandage around his middle now stained with fresh blood and pus. The infection brought a raging thirst with it, and he feared to leave the river, his only source of water. He hadn't eaten since before his patrol the morning before- not that he felt the least bit hungry with the sickness spreading through him, but it was one more thing weakening him.

Finally he stumbled onward, still following the river, no longer fully aware of what he was doing, the urge to find help, to move, pushing him on. He did manage to cross the river, then a little farther on he had to stop again as he reached the shore of Caer Darrow. He stood and stared at the lake in mild confusion, then simply turned westward and followed the shore. There had to be people around somewhere, he just had to find them.

He made his slow, painful way onward, toward Andorhal.

* * * * * *

Arvoss sat at home brooding. The news that his son was most likely lost still sat heavily on him, but Lark's words were starting to sink in, putting thoughts and ideas in his head. He knew he wouldn't be able to find any peace until he knew for certain what had happened to Dav, even if he was too late to do anything.

Finally he got up and started rummaging around the house, filling a pack. Shaurria looked up from her favorite cushion with a sleepy mew, and he paused to smile at her reassuringly. "S' nothin', lass. Jes' got sommat t' do. Willnae take long, then Ah'll be back, dinnae fret." The druid blinked at him, then gave a brief purr and laid her head back down, satisfied.

Pack ready, he left the house and retrieved Shade from the nearby stable. Then he rode the deathcharger out toward the Pig. Might as well let someone know where he was going, just in case.

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